Kundali Bhagya 4th July 2023 Written Update Hunt for Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 4th July 2023 Written Update Hunt for Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 4th July 2023 Written Update Hunt for Preeta. Karan decides to bring Preeta home before Kavya’s marriage functions begin. Kavya recalls her childhood moments with faded memories of Preeta. She tells that she doesn’t remember Preeta’s face. She misses her a lot. She wishes some miracle happens and Preeta comes back to her. She has lived 20 years without Preeta. She wants Preeta back in her life. She tells that this time she feels Preeta is very close to her, but she isn’t able to see her. Kavya’s hearty call reaches Preeta. Preeta blesses the one who is thinking of her.

Later, she blesses Rajveer to fulfill his dreams and achieve huge success. She wishes him all the best for his new job. Rajveer tells that he got her blessings and now he will do good work. Karan tells Rishabh that he has hired Rajveer in his company because he feels Rajveer is good at his work. He doesn’t tell Rishabh about his hidden motives of finding Preeta through Rajveer.


Preeta asks Mohit if he wants to say something. He gets emotional seeing her love for Rajveer. To wish Rajveer well in his new job, she says that she will give him curd. Preeta loves Rajveer very much, even though she is unaware that he is her son, according to Mohit. Returning Preeta’s respect is the only thing Mohit expects Rajveer to do. Rajveer swears to ruin Karan by entering his company. Preeta is missed by Karan. Her connection to Rajveer will be discovered, he promises, and he will bring her back to her house. Rajveer is asked to work with Shaurya. He later gets to know about his elder sister Kavya. Rajveer doesn’t want anyone to come between his revenge motives. Keep reading for a full written update on Kundali Bhagya on 4th July 2023.

Kundali Bhagya 4th July 2023 Written Update Hunt for Preeta:

Kavya teases Shaurya and wakes him up. She asks him why didn’t he come to welcome her. He tells that he is sorry, he is happy to see her, but he is too tired after the late-night party. She asks him to wake up. He asks her to go and have fun with the family. He wants to sleep for some time. She gets emotional about her twin brothers. She wishes she had her other brother with her. She misses Rudra. Rajveer gets ready to leave for the office. Preeta gives him the tiffin. She asks him not to forget his tiffin. She rushes to get curd and sugar. He gets Palki’s call. She wishes him all the best for his new job. He tells that she might be wishing to know the reason for joining the Luthra company.

She tells that she was thinking about it. He tells that he didn’t tell her anything much about his life. She tells that she is okay with it, he can tell her anytime he wants, and she believes him and his strong reasons. He thanks her for understanding him so well. He tells that he will talk to her later. She tells him that she deserves the job and he will win everyone’s hearts with his hard work and dedication. He thanks her. Preeta feeds him the curd. She blesses him to get success in his life. He rushes for work. She wishes the best for him. She wants to tell everything to Shrishti.

Shaurya reaches the office. The female employees go crazy seeing him. Rishabh finds Shaurya getting everyone’s attention. He welcomes Shaurya. He asks Shaurya to make his name. Shaurya tells that he will go for an office tour. Karan meets Rishabh. He asks if Shaurya has come. Rishabh tells that Shaurya wants to grow and become confident. Karan gives all the credit to Rishabh. He is happy that Rishabh pulled Shaurya into business. Rishabh tells that he is proud of him. Karan asks the receptionist to send Rajveer to his cabin. He tells Rishabh that Rajveer has a sharp mind and is good at work. He adds that he has hired Rajveer. Rishabh likes his decision.

Nidhi wants Shaurya to be dependent on her. She tells that he should ask her for everything. She calls him and asks did he reach the office. He tells that he liked the office a lot. She tells that she wants him to make her proud. He thanks her for encouraging him. Rakhi, Kareena, and Kavya reach the temple. Kavya prays for a miracle to get Preeta and Rudra back in her life. She gets glad when a flower falls in her hands. Rakhi tells that Kavya got blessings from Matarani. Kareena tells that Kavya’s wish will be fulfilled. Kavya gets happy. Rakhi and Kareena plan to feed the poor.

Kavya goes out of the temple to attend a call. A guy steals her wallet. She runs after him. She finds a bunch of goons and gets worried. She asks them to return her wallet because it has her mother’s picture in it. They tease her and don’t give the wallet back. They ask her to come with them. She asks them to let her go. The goon misbehaves with her and throws her dupatta away. Rajveer passes by. He stops seeing the wrong happening. He comes to protect Kavya, unaware of their relationship. He bashes the goons. The goons flee. He returns her dupatta to her. He asks her if is she okay. She thanks him for coming and protecting her. She weeps. He consoles her. He tells that he doesn’t have any sisters at home.

She tells that he protected her, so he is her brother from now. She hugs him. He gets happy. He tells that he is feeling like her brother after listening to her words. He asks her to always smile. He tells her that he can drop her. She tells that she has to go to the temple. He drops her to the temple. He asks her not to say thanks to a brother. He sees the time and rushes for the office. Kavya finds Rakhi and Kareena is worried for her. She looks for Rajveer. She doesn’t tell them anything. She thinks she didn’t even ask Rajveer’s name. Rajveer wants to ruin Luthras’ name soon. He reaches the office.

Karan is informed about his arrival. Rajveer goes to Karan’s cabin. He tells that Karan will get destroyed just like he had destroyed Preeta’s life. He wants to seek his revenge. He calls Karan a culprit. He gets a bad impression of Karan. Preeta finds the tiffin on the sofa. She goes to call Rajveer. Karan asks the manager to show the office to Rajveer and explain the work. He finds Rajveer special. He wants to reach Preeta with Rajveer’s help.


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