YRKKH 5th July 2023 Written Update Truth hurts Abhir

YRKKH 5th July 2023 Written Update Truth hurts Abhir

YRKKH 5th July 2023 Written Update Truth hurts Abhir. Akshara and Abhinav find it difficult to explain the situation to Abhir. Abhinav tells that they will handle Abhir and not cry in front of him. He feels it’s their last day with Abhir, and they should live a lifetime in a day. He wants to give a happy family moment to Abhir. He tells that Abhir deserves happiness. They cry and stay awake in a disturbed state. Manish feels guilty that Akshara has lost Abhir because of his wrong decision. He apologizes to Kartik and Naira for not doing his duty well. Akshara tells that it’s their fate that conquers lives. She asks him not to feel guilty of anything. He doesn’t understand how the court gave a verdict in Abhimanyu’s favor. She tells that she expected Abhimanyu to support her, but she was wrong.

She tells that she will become a lawyer and appeal in the high court to get her son back. She adds that she will fight her battle on her own. Manish tells that it will take time. He explains to her that they have to send Abhir to Abhimanyu. She breaks down and hugs him. Abhimanyu dreams of Abhir coming home. He gets excited to welcome him. Abhir wakes up and looks for Akshara and Abhinav. They surprise him and try to give him happiness. Abhir calls it the best day of his life. Akshara sobs that Abhir will be going away.


Manjiri tells Shefali that Abhir is coming home. Shefali doesn’t want to see Abhir in pain. She tells that Abhir will be getting away from his mother. Manjiri gets agitated. Aarohi tells that Abhir is related to her also and wants to do the best for him. Abhir plays with his parents and family. Akshara hugs her son and thanks him for coming into her life. They plan many games to entertain Abhir. Abhir finds the moment getting special. Akshara and Abhinav break down and hide their tears from Abhir.

Abhimanyu breaks the truth to Ruhi that he is Abhir’s real father and Abhir is coming home to stay with them. Akshara and Abhinav ask Abhir to go out for an outing. Abhir agrees. Akshara asks him if he likes Abhimanyu. Abhir tells that he loves Abhimanyu. She tells that she wants to tell him about his real father. Abhinav asks Abhir to know the truth. Abhir asks who is his real father. Akshara tells him that Abhimanyu is his real father. Abhir is stunned by this unexpected truth. He refuses to go to Abhimanyu.


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