1 secret in Anupama Malti promises new avatar

1 secret in Anupama Malti promises new avatar

1 secret in Anupama Malti promises a new avatar. Anupama falls into a huge dilemma over her US trip. She thinks of Anuj and Anu, who badly need her. Vanraj tells that she always takes care of everyone, except herself. He asks her not to mind it, but he wants to know her decision about the US trip. He tells her that its just two days left and she has to go. She gets affected by Anuj and Anu’s sorrow. She tells that she didn’t change her decision, but when she thinks of Anu, then she doesn’t understand what to do. Anu’s cry echoes in her ears. Anupama thinks of Anuj’s mental state. Vanraj calls her out. She stops to ask what is it. He asks her not to stop if anyone calls her out, stops her, or cries.

He tells that she shouldn’t stop for the sake of any relationship. Anu demands Maya’s presence. She tells Anuj and Anupama that she wants Maya. Anuj tries hard to console her. He angrily shouts that Maya left them forever and can’t come back. Anupama breaks down seeing her daughter’s sorrow and guilt over Maya’s death. She also feels guilty. She hugs Anu and weeps. Nakul and Malti also come to Maya’s mourning ceremony. He tells her that Anu can change her decision because her family needs her.


Malti watches Anupama with Anuj and Anu. She tells Nakul that Anupama has seen her Nataraj avatar and now she will see her Rudra avatar. Anupama tells Anuj that if Anu learns about the reason behind Maya’s death, then she will shatter. She tells that Maya died because of her. Anuj tells Anupama that just they know this secret, and it will always be sealed between them. Barkha overhears them and suspects that they have killed Maya by proper plotting. She plans to use this against Anupama. What will Barkha do to exploit Anupama’s guilt? Keep reading.


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