1 new track in YRKKH soars the drama

1 new track in YRKKH soars the drama

1 new track in YRKKH soars the drama. Manjiri gets restless and expects Abhir in her house. She doesn’t get to see him. She gets upset. She tells that she will go to Goenka’s house and get Abhir home. She doesn’t want to give more time to Akshara and Abhinav. She assumes that they might take Abhir away from them. She reminds Abhimanyu that Akshara had taken Abhir to Kasauli without informing him. Abhinav tells that he is an orphan and has seen much sorrow before, but the cloud of sorrow has burst at him this time. He fears that the sorrow will sweep them away. He tells Akshara that they have to be ready for any situation. He adds that they will have to send Abhir to Abhimanyu and not give any chance to Birlas to misunderstand them again. Akshara understands Abhinav’s concern.

He tells that he is feeling very hurt to fill hatred and anger in Abhir’s heart against them. He breaks Abhir’s heart only with the motive to send him to Abhimanyu. He is ready to take the blame for Abhir but doesn’t want tears to come to his son’s eyes. Abhir is much upset to leave his parents. Akshara and Abhinav drop Abhir at Birla’s house. Abhimanyu welcomes his son with much warmth and joy. Abhir is lost and unhappy over leaving his parents behind. Abhimanyu tries to feed him the food, but he refuses. Akshara too quits taking food and sobs for her son. Manish asks her to speak to Abhir. Abhinav tells her that video calls have made things easy for everyone and she can even see Abhir on the phone.


Akshara doesn’t want to talk to Abhir. She stays restless. Abhimanyu also suggests Abhir speak to Akshara and tries to uplift his mood. Abhir and Akshara get hiccups while they miss each other. Abhimanyu worries that Abhir doesn’t take food and water. He fears that Abhir might fall sick. Manjiri suggests that they take Abhir to the hospital. Aarohi agrees and tells that they will examine Abhir’s condition. Abhimanyu asks Abhir to speak to his mumma once. Abhir refuses. He sees Akshara at the door. He gets glad that Akshara has come to take him home. Akshara doesn’t take Abhir along but just meets him. She breaks his heart once again by asking him to settle well with the Birla family.


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