Kumkum Bhagya 6th July 2023 Written Update Ranbir confronts Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 6th July 2023 Written Update Ranbir confronts Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 6th July 2023 Written Update Ranbir confronts Prachi. Prachi thinks of Ranbir. She gets restless. She doesn’t know how to hide the truth of her fake marriage from Ranbir. She thinks Akshay and her marriage truth can come out on the eve of Teej when Vishaka makes them perform the tough rituals. Ranbir doesn’t understand why his destiny always brings him to Prachi. He wants to find out if she is happy in her marriage. He tells that he will find out if she loves Akshay as she used to love him. Ranbir and Prachi look at the moon and turn sad, reminiscing their golden moments. She tells that Ranbir is with her in the same house, but he isn’t with her. She regrets that he is with someone else. He regrets that she is with Akshay. She tells that she will not talk to the moon like before.

Ranbir also tells that he won’t be foolish to talk to the moon, even if love reckons his heart. They go to sleep. Akshay sees Prachi sleeping and thinks of their friendship. He regrets that their marriage didn’t complete. He feels complete because of Prachi. He loves Prachi a lot. He wishes he loves him. He tells that he is in her life and she is of him. He wishes she accepts him as her husband. He adores her. He finds her feeling cold. He switches off the AC and cares for her comfort. He is confident that he will win her heart. The next day, Ranbir gets ready and looks for Mihika. Mihika meets him. He compliments her.


Ranbir tells them that he is feeling hungry. Vishaka tells that Prachi is cooking the food. Ranbir entertains them with his funny talks. Mihika laughs. He learns that Prachi is cooking the food single-handedly. Ranbir thinks she didn’t change till now. Akshay greets the family. He finds Ranbir with Mihika. He wishes them on Teej. Ranbir apologizes for not wishing them. He also wishes them. Vishaka tells that he has to touch elders’ feet and take blessings. Ranbir is ready to take blessings. Vishaka asks him to take blessings when they celebrate Teej. Ranbir asks Akshay to have a seat. He asks for sweets.

Sangeeta tells that she will get sweets for help. He tells that he will just go and get his phone. Mihika worries. She prays that things stay fine. Ranbir meets Prachi. He asks her how she feels about the new family in the new house. She asks what does he want. He asks her to answer. She tells that she is making breakfast for the family. He asks her if she didn’t think of him once. She asks him to leave. He asks her to say something else. He asks her to just answer him. She tells that she is happy because Akshay and his family love her a lot. She adds that Manpreet loves her a lot, she isn’t like Pallavi, Akshay’s sisters and Bua are also good. She tells that everyone loves and respects her.

He asks what about Akshay, whether is Akshay like him and does he love her and keeps her happy as him. She asks him to just go. He asks her to answer if Akshay loves her a lot. She asks him to get away. He gets angered. Mihika watches them. She wonders why is Ranbir holding her hands. He tells that he was helping Prachi. Prachi tells that he was just disturbing her. He tells that Prachi doesn’t treat him well. Ranbir and Prachi get into an argument. Mihika asks them not to fight. Prachi asks him not to waste her time and just go. Ranbir asks Mihika how can Prachi insult him when he is a guest.

Mihika asks him to come with her. She offers help to Prachi. Prachi makes the breakfast and takes it to serve. Vishaka tells that sweets must be there. Prachi tells that she got the sweets. Manpreet helps Prachi in her work. Ranbir tells that he doesn’t want the sandwiches. Prachi tells that she has made it according to Akshay’s taste. Akshay tells that it’s the best sandwich. He asks Ranbir to try. Ranbir tells that he also likes spicy food. He eats it and tells that he can eat a chilly along with it. Prachi worries for Ranbir.


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