1 Upcoming Spoiler in Bhagya Lakshmi Vikrant caught

1 Upcoming Spoiler in Bhagya Lakshmi Vikrant caught

1 Big twist in Bhagya Lakshmi doubles the suspense, 1 Upcoming Spoiler in Bhagya Lakshmi Vikrant caught. Vikrant reaches Rishi’s room and finds him sleeping. He tells that Rishi’s death is close and nobody can save him this time. Lakshmi stays awake and feels restless about Rishi. She senses Rishi is in trouble. She goes to check on Rishi. Vikrant goes to stab Rishi. Lakshmi reaches there and finds a masked man attacking Rishi. She quickly picks up a vase and hits the attacker, unaware of his identity. Lakshmi saves Rishi’s life once again. She boldly fights Vikrant. She takes a blanket and throws it at Vikrant to blind his sight. She tries to catch him. She thinks he is a thief and had come to rob the house. Vikrant didn’t expect Lakshmi to intervene in his plans. She fails to see Vikrant’s face. Rishi wakes up and finds the attacker.

Vikrant rushes to stab him. Rishi fights him. Vikrant manages to escape from there. Lakshmi asks Rishi if is he okay. Rishi tells her that he was attacked in the hospital as well. He suspects Vikrant and asks Lakshmi not to marry Vikrant. Lakshmi can’t believe that Vikrant was the attacker who came to attack Rishi. Rishi asks her to believe him once. He is grateful that she has saved his life once again.


Katha Ankahee:

Katha and Viaan meet Vanya to know the truth. He learns that Vanya is his sister. He asks Vanya about the truth about their parents. He thinks Seema had ruined his mom’s life. Vanya tells him that he isn’t told the complete truth. He believes his mom. She tells them that he is in denial, but the truth won’t change if he turns away. She gives him time to accept the truth. Vanya tells that she doesn’t want any property or surname, but justice for her mother. She tells that Seema was defamed in the media, Seema wasn’t into an extra-marital affair, her love was true and she wasn’t wrong. She defends her mother. She asks Viaan to find the complete truth and then decide who is right and who is wrong.

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