Imlie 8th July 2023 Imlie exposes Chini’s crimes

Imlie 8th July 2023 Imlie exposes Chini's crimes

Imlie 8th July 2023 Imlie exposes Chini’s crimes. Imlie and Atharv join hands to find Dhairya’s murderer. Imlie knows that Dhairya’s death wasn’t just an accident, but someone’s conspiracy. Chini gets scared to see Dhairya’s picture. Imlie tries to find the truth and catch the culprit. She suspects Chini. Atharv tells the family about Imlie’s plan. She defends her plan. They don’t want to fight when they are working on the same plan. She tells that they shall forget their issues for some time. They shake hands. She sees Maa and Bua there and acts in front of them. She fights with him and asks him why is he calling her a thief. He realizes what she means to say.

He calls her a thief for stealing his daughter and then his phone. Bua asks them not to fight always. Imlie tells that she thought it was her phone. Maa asks Imlie to stay away from Atharv and his family. She advises Atharv to be careful of his enemies. She sends them to their rooms. Bua tells that Imlie and Atharv are trying hard to understand each other. She finds their relationship strange. Imlie wishes nothing wrong happens. Chini gets agitated. Imlie confronts Chini for cheating the family and keeping them in darkness about Atharv. She tells that Chini had plotted Atharv’s accident and also stolen her child Kairi.


She tells that Chini kept Atharv away from his family. She adds that Chini also kept Kairi away from her mother. She accuses Chini of killing Dhairya. Chini accepts her blames. She asks Imlie who will believe her when it’s too late for her to realize this. Atharv overhears their conversation and also Chini’s confession. He tells that he will trust Imlie. He holds Imlie’s hand and shocks Chini. Imlie exposes Chini’s truth in front of Atharv.


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