Kumkum Bhagya 8th July 2023 Written Update Jealous Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 8th July 2023 Written Update Jealous Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 8th July 2023 Written Update Jealous Ranbir. Vishaka stops Mihika from going out to enjoy the swings. Mihika smiles seeing Ranbir and goes to him. Ashok and Manpreet share a moment. Vishaka asks Manpreet to come and attend to guests. She asks her to see Ranbir and Mihika’s decent behavior. She tells that Manpreet should have shame and not romance in this age. Akshay asks Vishaka why is she sounding upset. He calms her down. Prachi comes downstairs. Ranbir gets drawn towards her. Akshay is mesmerized seeing her. Ranbir and Akshay step towards Prachi. Prachi has her eyes on Ranbir, but Akshay comes in between. Akshay compliments Prachi’s beauty which always stuns him and leaves him helpless.

Ranbir gets jealous watching them. Akshay introduces Prachi as his life. He tells that his life changed after Prachi came into his life. He feels lucky that Prachi came into his life. Prachi stumbles. Akshay holds her in his arms. Ranbir grows more envious. He gets tears in his eyes. The lady asks Vishaka if there is any good news about Prachi’s pregnancy. Ranbir goes to Akshay and Prachi’s bedroom. He sees their picture on the wall. He imagines Akshay and Prachi’s romance.


Ranbir is disheartened thinking Prachi has got much close to Akshay. He sees them in every corner of the room. He turns away and decides to walk out. Ranbir weeps imagining their intimacy. He tells that Prachi can’t love someone else. He wants Prachi in his life. Vishaka prays for Akshay and Prachi. She doesn’t want Prachi to stay stuck in her past. She knows Akshay is lying to her about Prachi and his relationship. She wishes Akshay and Prachi to unite. Ranbir overhears Vishaka’s prayer. He thinks if Akshay and Prachi have any issues between them. He wants to find out the reason for their fight. He meets Prachi. He angrily confronts her about her marital relationship with Akshay.

Her foot twists and she falls. Ranbir holds her in his arms. Ranbir asks her if she likes Akshay. Prachi doesn’t want to answer him. He asks her again. He asks if she likes Akshay or not. She tells that it’s a personal question and he shouldn’t ask it. He asks her to just answer him. She tells that she likes Akshay a lot. He asks her if she thinks of him or not when she goes close to Akshay. She asks him to not cross his limits. He asks her to enlighten him and define his limits. She asks him to remember that he has come for Mihika, not her. He tells that she is eyeing him and he knows it.

She tells that she is married and is not thinking about him. He tells that she loves him and thinks about him, he was the best person for her and she didn’t give his place to anyone. She tells that he still loves her, so he isn’t able to tolerate that she loves Akshay. She taunts that she doesn’t love Mihika and just came to keep an eye on her. She isn’t jealous to see him with Mihika, because she doesn’t love him. She wants to show Ranbir that she loves Akshay so that Ranbir leaves in anger and spares Mihika. Vishaka thinks of Ranbir and Prachi. She asks Manpreet to find out what’s going on in her children’s lives.

She tells Manpreet that Ranbir and Mihika don’t look like lovers or friends, but like strangers. Manpreet doesn’t think Mihika will lie to them. Mihika overhears them. She doesn’t want Vishaka to doubt her. Vishaka asks Manpreet to attend to guests. She decides to find out the truth about Ranbir and Mihika’s relationship. Ranbir looks for Mihika. He asks Abhay about Mihika. Abhay tells that he didn’t see Mihika. He wants to ask Ranbir about Mihika. He asks if Ranbir met Mihika in India. Ranbir tells that they shall talk later. Abhay asks him to listen. He tells that he will talk about the rights of Mihika’s brother. Ranbir asks him to talk about duties. He asks what does he want to know.

Abhay asks Ranbir does he love Mihika. Ranbir denies it. Abhay asks what is he doing in the house. Ranbir tells that he also wants to know the same. He adds that he is in the house because he loves Mihika. Abhay gets confused with his answers. Ranbir asks him to think of anything. He advises him to fall in love and then realize how important it is to love someone. He runs away. Abhay doesn’t understand anything. Divya and Neha flirt with Ranbir. Ranbir gets their attention. He asks them about Mihika. They feel Mihika is lucky to get him.

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