Kumkum Bhagya 9th July 2023 Written Update Love test

Kumkum Bhagya 9th July 2023 Written Update Love test

Kumkum Bhagya 9th July 2023 Written Update Love test. Ranbir tells Divya and Neha that he wants to talk to Mihika. He finds Mihika and rushes to her. Akshay tells Prachi that Ranbir and Mihika are strange, and their pairing looks fake. He asks Prachi if they are really in love. Prachi tells that she doesn’t know about them. Ranbir and Mihika tell each other that the family is doubting their fake relationship. He tells that they have to enter the characters and act like a happy couple. She tells that they shall present a passionate dance to convince the family that they are dating. Ranbir and Mihika dance romantically to clear their doubts. Prachi takes Ranbir aside. She asks him not to play with Mihika’s heart.

He asks her what she mean to say. She tells that she knows him well. He tells that he is glad to know what she feels, she doesn’t know him at all because he has changed a lot in 6 years. Prachi and Ranbir have a moment and recollect their past. He asks her if she has not seen how Mihika and he have danced passionately. She tells that he was just acting. He calls it true. He tells them that he can also taunt her for faking love for Akshay. He asks her if she is feeling jealous. She tells that she isn’t jealous, he is wrong to play with someone’s heart and he is becoming a bad person. He reminds that she also played with his heart and asks if she has become bad.


She thinks what happened between Ranbir and Rhea, is that he is still single. She goes after him and asks him about Rhea. He doesn’t want to answer anything. Prachi tells that they will play a game with Ranbir and Mihika to test their knowledge about each other. Akshay likes the idea. He tells that he will ask the first question. He asks Ranbir and Mihika where did they meet. Ranbir answers it right, while Mihika likes it. Ranbir tells an interesting story to cover up her lie. Prachi asks Ranbir who fell in love first. Ranbir knows what she means to know.

He tells that he will tell the complete story if she is forcing him. He tells them that Mihika had hit his bike and he got angry, he went to scold her when he saw her face, he forgot all the anger, it was like love at first sight. He tells them that Mihika also fell in love with him. Manpreet finds Vishaka upset. She asks Prachi to come with her, they will ask Vishaka about the tense matter and help her. They go to Vishaka and ask why is she worried. Vishaka tells that they shouldn’t give Mihika’s hand to Ranbir when they don’t know his intentions. Prachi agrees with her. Ranbir tells that he has decided to have some fun on Teej. He tells them that Akshay is his friend and he is newly married, so they shall play a game and test Akshay and Prachi’s strong love. He asks all the couples to participate. He tells them that the husbands will get blindfolded and find their wives.


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