New custody slam in YRKKH 9th July 2023 Update

New custody slam in YRKKH 9th July 2023 Update

New custody slam in YRKKH 9th July 2023 Update. Abhimanyu sits in the puja with Abhir. He is much glad to see his son with him. He prays for his son. Manjiri prays for her son’s happiness. She wishes Akshara and Abhinav get peace. Aarohi finds Abhir upset and wishes the wrong gets fixed. Ruhi wishes for Abhir’s happiness. Abhir wants to go home. He misses his parents. Pandit asks Abhir his dad’s name. Abhir takes Abhinav’s name. Abhimanyu and Manjiri get upset. Manjiri tells that Abhir’s dad is Abhimanyu Birla. Abhimanyu makes Abhir complete the puja rituals. Goenkas cry seeing the pain undergone by Akshara and Abhinav. Manish tells that just time can heal their wounds.

Abhimanyu is worried by Abhir’s silence. He feels Abhir isn’t happy and even their friendship got faded. Manjiri asks him to give some time to Abhir to adjust to the new family. He fears that Abhir won’t be able to accept them. Parth taunts them that they won’t have any time. Manjiri asks what does he mean. Anand tells that Manish has filed an appeal to fight the custody case in a higher court. Manjiri asks how did he decide so soon when the court has decided on Abhir’s better future. Abhimanyu tells that any parent would have done this. Manjiri is afraid that Akshara and Abhinav might win the case this time. He is ready to fight for his son. Goenkas pray for Akshara and Abhinav. Ruhi shows Abhir his new room.


Abhir isn’t happy to get his lavish room. He misses Akshara and Abhinav. Aarohi understands Abhir’s emotional conflict. She tries to comfort Abhir. She tells that she loves Abhir as much as Akshara does. She asks him to tell her what he is feeling. Abhir gets silent. Akshara and Abhinav also stay silent and cover up their sorrow. The family urges them to get normal. Akshara breaks down realizing Abhir has left. Abhimanyu asks Abhir to have the food. Manjiri shows the special dishes she prepared for Abhir. Akshara and Abhir get hiccups. The family tries all sorts of remedies to stop their hiccups.

Abhinav tells that Akshara is missing Abhir. He asks her to speak to him. Abhimanyu also asks Abhir to call Akshara and speak to her. Akshara doesn’t want Abhir to fall weak after speaking to her. Abhir refuses to speak to her. Abhimanyu wonders what did Akshara and Abhinav do that Abhir is so upset. He insists Abhir speak to Akshara. Abhir gets stern. Abhimanyu realizes Abhir is much sorrowful. Abhir misses Abhinav when he sleeps alone. Akshara and Abhinav also miss Abhir. Akshara sees Abhir’s favorite blanket. She thinks to meet Abhir and give the blanket to him. She visits the Birla house. Manjiri asks Akshara not to bring old things in a new ambiance.


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