Kundali Bhagya Trap for Rajveer 10th July 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya Trap for Rajveer 10th July 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya Trap for Rajveer 10th July 2023 Written Update. Rajveer arrives home to give the file to Karan. Rajveer meets Kavya and learns that she is his elder sister. Kavya sees him and calls him Bhai. She remembers how Rajveer saved her from the goons. Rajveer turns emotional that Kavya is his family. Kavya tells the family that Rajveer saved her life from the goons. The family worries for Kavya. She praises Rajveer for protecting her. She tells that she has made Rajveer her brother. Shaurya gets angered seeing Kavya bonding with Rajveer. Karan is very pleased. He also starts seeing a son in Rajveer. Rakhi introduces Rajveer as a family. She tells that Rajveer is close to his heart and he has won their hearts in a short time. Rajveer tells Kavya that he works for Karan Luthra. She tells him that Karan is her dad.

Rajveer weeps emotionally on meeting another relationship that he missed in his life. He feels a longing for his family. He is helpless to keep his identity a secret. He can’t tell them that Karan is his dad too. Karan thanks Rajveer for saving Kavya. Rakhi tells Rajveer about Kavya and Varun’s alliance talks. Rajveer tells that he will handle the arrangements and do a brother’s duty. Karan doesn’t want Rajveer to know his intentions and leave the job. Mahesh understands Karan’s goal of finding Preeta. Karan asks Mahesh to control his emotions.


Rajveer serves the food to the guests. Nidhi is glad to see him working as a servant. Rajveer tells that he treasures the relationship he got as a gift. He promises to keep his duty well. Shaurya doesn’t want Rajveer to snatch the limelight. Nidhi promises Shaurya that they will tackle Rajveer and insult him. Nidhi learns that the manager has got 1 crore cash. She plans to frame Rajveer in the robbery case. Karan hands over the money bag to Shaurya. Nidhi asks Shaurya not to lose the golden opportunity and target Rajveer. She tells a plan that will get Rajveer arrested. Nidhi gives the empty bag to Rajveer and compels him to accept the gift. She reminds her plan to Shaurya. He agrees to do his part and trap Rajveer.

Kundali Bhagya Trap for Rajveer 10th July 2023 Written Update:

Nidhi tells Shaurya that they will get Rajveer arrested by framing him in a robbery case and even Karan can’t save him. Shaurya hears out his plan and calls her brilliant. He tells that he is so glad to have her in his life, he loves her a lot and she is the only one who thinks for him. She tells that she loves him too. She thinks she is doing this against Rajveer and Preeta. Nidhi asks Rajveer to help her. She tells that Shaurya is busy attending to Kavya’s in-laws. She takes Rajveer with her. Preeta tells Mohit that Rajveer took the wrong file to the Luthra house. She thinks to go there and file the file. Mohit acts hurt. He lies to her about his bike accident. Preeta worries for him.

She tells Gurpreet about Mohit’s accident. She calls Rajveer and informs him about Mohit’s accident. Rajveer asks her to take him to speak to Mohit. Mohit tells her that Preeta was going to Luthra’s house and he had to tell her about the accident. Rajveer understands his lie. He tells that he is coming home. Mohit asks Preeta not to go because Rajveer is coming home. Preeta agrees to stay back. Nidhi drops the cash in front of Rajveer and makes him pick it up for her. She gives him some money as a gift. He refuses. She tells that she wants to reward him because he helped Kavya. He refuses to take it. She asks him to take him to respect her word. He tells that he will just take one note to keep her word.

She tells that she understands his mentality. She asks him to keep the bag at least. He asks her not to force him to accept anything. She insists he keeps the bag. He tells that he can’t take it. She asks him to go from the backside if he wants to go home quickly. He agrees to accept her gift and suggestion. She tells that Rajveer has ruined Preeta and his fate with his hands. She doesn’t think he will get into Karan’s good books now. She tells Kavya that Rajveer left because he was getting calls from his Maasi. Kavya tells that she was looking for Rajveer. She gets upset. Nidhi tells that he is just an employee and remembers she has only one brother, that’s Shaurya.

Rajveer comes home and meets Preeta. She tells him about Mohit’s injury. He knows Mohit isn’t injured. She asks him about the bag. He tells that someone gifted him the bag. She asks how the Luthra family behaves with him when he works for them now. He wants to hate them, but he worries that he is making good memories with them. He tells that he is tired, he will take some rest and talk to her later. Shaurya asks Nidhi if she has done the task. Nidhi tells that she has done it and the time starts now. She asks Karan about Rajveer. She tells that Rajveer disappeared suddenly. Rakhi reminds me that Rajveer went home. Varun tells that he liked Rajveer a lot and wanted to invite him to Roka.

Rajveer thanks Mohit for stopping Preeta. Mohit asks him what is his plan of action. He tells that if Rajveer works for Luthras then Preeta might come in front of them. Rajveer tells that he won’t let this happen. He reveals that he met his sister Kavya and felt many emotions in a single moment. Shaurya gets angered thinking of Rajveer. He shares his feelings with Nidhi. He tells that Rakhi told him about Ramayana’s story. She asks him what does he mean to say. He tells her that she is just like Kaikeyi of Ramayana. She tells that she wants her son’s happiness. She is doing everything for her own sake. She wants to keep Preeta away from Karan. She doesn’t care for Shaurya.

Preeta asks Rajveer to take the tiffin and not forget it like yesterday. He tells that he won’t repeat his mistakes. She gives him the right file. Karan enters his room and finds the papers fell on the floor. He sees the window open. He tells that the staff is so irresponsible. He wants his cabin to be clean. He picks the papers. Rajveer watches Karan. Karan gets hurt. He gets his finger pricked by a pin. Rajveer goes to offer him help. He worries about Karan’s wound. He looks for the first aid box. He gets it and aids Karan’s wound. Karan gets emotional seeing Rajveer’s caring side.

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