Soul stirring twist in YRKKH Akshara loses Abhir

Soul stirring twist in YRKKH Akshara loses Abhir

Soul stirring twist in YRKKH Akshara loses Abhir. Abhir misses his parents and runs out of his room. Abhimanyu follows him and asks him to stop running. Manjiri and Aarohi suggest that they take Abhir to the hospital to get him examined once. Akshara arrives to give Abhir his favorite blanket. Abhir thinks she has come to take him home. He gets glad. Manjiri condemns Akshara for coming home uninvited. Abhimanyu stops Akshara. Abhir gets upset knowing that Akshara isn’t taking him along. Manjiri asks her not to make things difficult for him by getting his old belongings. She tells Akshara that she will order a new blanket one day. Abhinav also reaches there and looks for Abhir.

He apologizes for coming. Abhimanyu tells that they can come anytime they want because they are Abhir’s parents. Abhinav asks if Abhir slept early. Akshara lies that Abhir slept. Akshara and Abhinav get sorrowful and leave without meeting Abhir. Abhir watches them from the room window. They get equally in pain. Abhir cries for them. Abhimanyu watches Abhir crying. Akshara and Abhinav come back home. She shares her sorrow with the family. Manish asks her not to feel guilty about anything. He tells her that she didn’t make any mistake by visiting Abhir. The family supports her.


Abhimanyu tells Manjiri that Abhir will find it easy to adjust if he gets his old belongings. She disagrees. Aarohi tells him that he made a big mistake by bringing Abhir home and making him away from his parents. She tells that Ruhi won’t be happy with anyone if they send her away. She explains to him that Abhir isn’t happy with them. He tells that he is trying his best. She tells that Abhir is in trauma because he isn’t able to accept him. She asks him how can he change Abhir’s feelings. She is very sure that Abhir won’t stay happy with them. Abhimanyu gets worried. Akshara doesn’t get sleep. Abhinav understands what’s bothering her. They talk about Abhir and recollect his childhood memories. Abhimanyu tries to comfort Abhir and puts him to sleep. Abhir stays restless without Akshara and Abhinav. The family asks Akshara to sing the aarti, but she refuses.


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