Kundali Bhagya 11th July 2023 Written Update Rajveer’s truth

Kundali Bhagya 11th July 2023 Written Update Rajveer's truth

Kundali Bhagya 11th July 2023 Written Update Rajveer’s truth. Rajveer helps Karan by seeing the latter hurt. Karan thanks him for always coming to help him. He realizes that Rajveer protected his life at the time of the fire breakout at home. He asks Rajveer why did he risk his life to save him. Rajveer is speechless. Karan is grateful to him. He feels some connection with Rajveer, knowing he is connected to Preeta also. On the other side, Shaurya reaches Rajveer’s home with a bag that contains 1 crore rupees. He rushes to Rajveer’s room and finds the empty black leather bag which Nidhi had gifted to Rajveer only to frame him for theft.

Shaurya shifts the cash to the black bag and keeps it over the bed. He tells that Rajveer is going to get trapped very badly and this time even Karan won’t be able to help him. He sees Preeta and Rajveer’s picture there. He feels bad for Preeta. He tells that Rajveer will get hurt and his pain will hurt Preeta too. Shaurya doesn’t want Preeta to suffer in their clash but is helpless. He determines to get rid of Rajveer for once and all.


Radha Mohan:

Radha asks Gungun where is she. Gungun tells her the address and asks her to come soon. She tells Radha that a bad boy has kidnapped her. Radha is shocked to know this. Damini tells that Gungun is okay, so she has called Radha. She wonders what happened to Abdu. Gungun doesn’t see Abdu attacking her from behind. Abdu runs and attacks Gungun. Gungun gets saved when he has a change of heart recalling her kind and caring side. He befriends her and apologizes to her. He tells that she could have run away, but she is brave. She pacifies him after knowing his sad story. She tells that she got her mother when Radha came into her life.

Radha and Mohan reach there and find Gungun with Abdu. They wonder how can a kid kidnap Gungun. Mohan asks if he should scold Abdu of beat him. He asks Abdu where is his dad. Abdu tells that he is Chota Bhaijaan. Mohan makes fun of him and goes to hit him. Gungun stops Mohan from hurting Abdu. She calls Abdu her friend. She tells that Abdu has nobody in his life, he has made a mistake to kidnap her, and when he realized his mistake, he has promised to protect her. She asks her parents to help Abdu. Abdu gets interrogated by Mohan. Mohan wants to know who hired Abdu to kidnap Gungun. Damini and Kaveri get worried that their names will come to the fore.

Kundali Bhagya 11th July 2023 Written Update Rajveer’s truth:

Preeta tells Gurpreet and Mohit that she is very proud of Rajveer, he is so kind and talented. She tells that he is her sister’s son, but she also loves him as her son. She thinks Karan would also see Rajveer as a son. Gurpreet wishes she also felt proud of Mohit. She complains about her son. Karan gets touched when Rajveer gets the first aid box for him. Rajveer asks him to do the aid himself and leaves. Karan smiles at his gesture. Rajveer comes back to give the file. He tells that he gave the wrong file to him yesterday. Karan thanks him. Rajveer finds him struggling at work with his bleeding fingers. He asks Karan to give him his hand. He does aid his wound. He reminds Karan of Preeta.

He tells that Rajveer always comes to help him and protect his life. He thanks and blesses him. He hugs Rajveer. Rajveer doesn’t want to melt his heart. Preeta gets surprised to see Shaurya at the door. She blesses him and asks him to come inside. She tells that she knows he has come to meet her. Shaurya sneezes. She tells that he had caught a cold because of the cold weather. He tells that he took a cold shower after doing gym. She tells that it’s wrong to take a cold shower when the body is warm. She asks him to sit, while she makes kada for him. He asks if there is no one at home. She tells that Rajveer has gone to the office. She asks him not to fight with Rajveer in the office. He agrees.

She calls him sweet and understanding. He thinks he acts sweet when he has to execute some plan. Nidhi calls Shaurya and asks him if he reached Rajveer’s house. He tells that he caught a cold. She tells that he will be okay soon. He informs her that he reached Rajveer’s house and that he will do the work. She asks him to leave immediately. Nidhi tells that whatever she wants will happen. Rajveer thinks Karan is a good person and a good dad, but he isn’t a good husband, he doesn’t worry about Preeta. He wonders if Karan would hug him upon knowing the truth that he is Rudra. Karan misses Rudra. He asks Rajveer to leave. He tells that he is better now. He hides his sorrow from Rajveer. Rajveer makes a leave.

Karan doesn’t know why he feels attached to Rajveer like he is Rudra. He thinks of Preeta. He tells that if Preeta was with him, he would have not left this restlessness. He misses her a lot. He doesn’t want to ask Rajveer directly. He thinks Rajveer might leave the job. He doesn’t want to lose the chance of meeting Preeta. He pledges to find her soon and take her home. He tells that he loves Preeta a lot and misses her. Shaurya tells Preeta that he will go to the washroom and come. He helps her in getting a box from the shelf. She tells that she likes to see him come. He finds it strange that he is helping her at work when he doesn’t do anything in his house. She tells that she will go and get cinnamon.

He rushes to Rajveer’s room to complete the task. He finds the black bag and keeps the cash in it. He tells that Rajveer insulted him again and again, and now he will pay for it. He wants to teach a lesson to Rajveer. He gets Nidhi’s call. He tells that he has kept the money in Rajveer’s bag. She asks him to keep the bag in the cupboard and leave from there. She tells that his sneezing is a bad omen. He asks what is she saying. She fears that he will get caught. He tells that Rajveer will get trapped. He wishes to keep Preeta out of this mess. He thinks to leave before Preeta comes back.

Preeta comes back and asks where is he going. He tells that he isn’t leaving. She asks him to have the kada. He refuses to have it. She tells that she has made it to relieve his cold. She asks him to trust her and drink the kada. He dislikes the taste. He asks her to spare him. She gets an idea. She adds honey to the kada. She asks him to finish the kada. He drinks it at once. She feeds him some honey. She tells that he will get rid of the cold now. He tells that nobody forces him to eat or drink anything. He doesn’t know their relationship that he always obeys her.

She tells that she doesn’t know, she feels some connection with him like he is also family. He gets emotional talking to her. He takes her blessings by touching her feet. He thinks about what is he doing and why. She asks him to visit her sometimes. She likes to meet him. Shaurya tells that he will come because he also feels happy about meeting her. He makes a leave. Rakhi and Mahesh have a cute argument. Kavya enjoys their banter. Nidhi keeps an eye on them. She doesn’t want Preeta to come home.


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