YRKKH New Promo Akshara rebukes Abhimanyu

YRKKH New Promo Akshara rebukes Abhimanyu

YRKKH New Promo Akshara rebukes Abhimanyu. It becomes an emotional moment for Abhimanyu when Abhir calls him dad. Abhir is happy to know that Akshara is coming to meet him. He wants to meet Akshara and Abhinav. He feels restless without them. He loves them a lot and longs for them. Abhimanyu decides to get his school admission done. Manish convinces Abhinav to stay back in Goenka’s house. He doesn’t want Akshara and Abhinav to go away from them when they are already dealing with the big sorrow of losing Abhir. Akshara realizes Abhinav’s pain of losing his rights to Abhir as his father. She sympathizes with him. She senses that his pain is much more intense than hers.

Abhir writes Abhinav’s name in his school diary. Manjiri goes mad seeing Abhinav’s name written in his father’s name block. She tells that Abhir must know the name of his real father, that’s Abhimanyu Birla. She doesn’t want Abhir to miss Abhinav. She tears the diary cover and throws it. Akshara arrives there to meet Abhir and finds Manjiri’s insane screaming going on. Manjiri yells at her asking her the reason for coming when the court has allowed her to come only on weekends. She restricts Akshara from walking into the house anytime. Akshara is ousted by Manjiri. She fails to meet Abhir. She comes across Abhimanyu and vents anger on him. She asks him not to separate Abhir from her when he has already got Abhir’s custody rights. He asks her why is she saying that. He wants her to give one reason that made her say so. She tells that she is afraid Abhir will become like him while living with him in his family. Abhimanyu is moved by Akshara’s comment about him. She shares her fears that Abhir won’t get a good upbringing in the Birla household, where Manjiri has raised Abhimanyu. She doesn’t want Manjiri to control Abhir’s childhood.



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