BALH 13th July 2023 Upcoming Priya’s marriage truth

BALH 13th July 2023 Upcoming Priya's marriage truth

BALH 13th July 2023 Upcoming Priya’s marriage truth. Ram calls Priya an outsider by mistake. Shalini reminds Ram that Priya is his wife now. She tells that she trusts Ram a lot. She adds that Ram is a big businessman, but Priya is the boss in the house. She gives the keys to Priya and tells her that her responsibility is now over. She makes a holiday plan with her friend and asks Ram to book her tickets. Ram gets teasing Ram about the keys. She tells that she got the locker keys and she is the owner of the house now. She adds that she had married Ram only to get the keys. She asks Ram to follow her rules because she is the owner now.

Ram tells that she doesn’t have anything in her hand, because the locker just has property papers and little jewelry, not any cash. She tells that Shalini has much pride in her son and he looks adorable. She tells Ram that she likes to see Shalini and Ram’s bonding. Later, Priya speaks to her sister Ritika. Anju and Sanjeev get to hear the sisters talking about three-month contract marriage. They question Priya about the three months thing. Priya gets speechless. Anju asks Priya if is she going to come back home. Sanjeev worries and asks Priya to share the truth with him.



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