Kundali Bhagya 13th July 2023 Written Update Kavya misses Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 13th July 2023 Written Update Kavya misses Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 13th July 2023 Written Update Kavya misses Preeta. Kavya misses her mother Preeta and weeps. Kritika also gets emotional and shares her memories. She tells about Preeta and her first meeting. Kavya likes to know more about Preeta. Kritika tells that Preeta loved her a lot and always guided her. She praises Preeta who always helped people and protected the family. She tells that Preeta used to handle the family well. Kavya tells that she wants to become like her mother. Rajveer overhears them. Kritika asks him to come in. She asks if is he okay. He says yes. Kavya tells that she wants to become like her mother. Rajveer tells that she is already like her mother.

She asks how does he know this. He tells that their mother is the same. She asks what is he saying. He tells that all the mothers in the world are the same, Kavya is very beautiful and her mother would be beautiful too. Kavya tells that she misses her mother a lot, but doesn’t remember her face. She tells that she has blurred memories of Preeta. Kritika tells that Preeta was very beautiful, loving, and caring, she used to win everyone’s hearts with her charm and kept the family united. She consoles Kavya and hugs her. Rajveer also cheers up Kavya.


Varun and Kavya perform a romantic song in their Roka function. The family finds their pairing very adorable and blesses them. Kavya loves Varun a lot. Varun and Kavya get seated for their Roka ceremony. Shaurya and Rajveer hold the chunri over her head, while Rakhi performs her Aarti. Shaurya and Rajveer get happy for their sister. Both families perform the Roka rituals and make their relationship official. Shaurya and Nidhi plan a big drama and want to get Rajveer arrested. Rajveer makes a call to Preeta and shows her Kavya’s Roka ceremony going on. He asks Preeta to bless Kavya.

Kundali Bhagya 13th July 2023 Written Update Kavya misses Preeta:

Karan complains to Mahesh about Shaurya. Mahesh stops him from lowering Shaurya’s morale. Rajveer asks Mahesh to let Karan continue. Karan asks Rajveer to forget their past issues. Rajveer doesn’t tell him about the major issues of the past, that he can never forget. Karan and Mahesh ask Rajveer to accompany them home. They insist on Rajveer and take him. Shaurya watches them. He informs Nidhi about Rajveer. She wants Rajveer to pay for his connection with Preeta. Kritika makes Kavya ready and compliments her beauty. She asks Kavya why did she get upset. Kavya tells that she is missing Preeta. Kritika tells that they have no picture of Preeta, but they all remember Preeta very well.

Kavya asks her about Preeta. Kritika tells that Preeta was much pretty, innocent, loving and adorable. She asks Kavya not to cry. She sings praises of Preeta. Kavya gets glad to know it. Nidhi tells that nobody knows her planning. She wants to keep Preeta away from the family. She swears to end everything and ruin the happiness by using Preeta and Rajveer. Rakhi is pleased to see Rajveer. She asks him to change his clothes and get ready. Karan asks Rajveer to select any of Shaurya’s new costumes. The family insists him to go. Shaurya walks in. Karan asks him to finish the work on time. Rakhi asks Karan to not discuss office work at home. Karan apologizes. Nidhi finds the family pampering Rajveer.

She asks Karan and Shaurya to get ready. Rajveer tells that he will ask his family to send his clothes. Bani tells that they are also like his family. Shaurya tolerates him. Karan praises Rajveer. Mahesh tells that they shall get ready quickly. Kavya asks Kritika about her first meet with Preeta. Kritika remembers their first meeting. She tells Kavya how Preeta helped her and they became friends. She adds that Preeta was really kind, she couldn’t see anyone in problem, she always came ahead to help people, she used to fight for the family and loved them a lot. She sings praises of Preeta.

Rajveer overhears them. Kavya tells that she wants to become like Preeta. He thinks Kavya resembles Preeta a lot and even her nature is like her. He greets them. He compliments Kavya. He tells that she looks like her mother, he knows it because their mother is same. Kavya and Kritika are stunned to hear this. He makes excuses to cover up. He tells that every mother is same, and mothers are beautiful. Kavya wishes Preeta was with her. He asks her if she misses her. She tells that she misses her a lot, but can’t remember her face. He asks her to look at the mirror whenever she thinks of her mother. He tells that daughters often resemble their mother. He consoles her. He applies the kajal to her on Preeta’s behalf.

He tells that he will meet her later. Kavya tells that Rajveer has become her brother and she feels they have a deep connection. Nidhi tells Shaurya that he will look handsome in whatever he wears. She compliments his smile. She asks him to see how she snatches Rajveer’s smile. Shaurya tells that its Kavya’s Roka in the house. She tells that everyone is bad, Kavya has invited Rajveer to attend the function, she gives more importance to Rajveer and she is wrong. She promises to fix everything. She tells her plan. Shaurya is amazed at her brilliance. She tells that Rajveer will get much insulted, and the family will throw him out of the house. She asks him to just wait and watch. Karan finds the family happy.

He tells Mahesh that he isn’t happy within. Mahesh tells that Karan isn’t happy because Kavya will leave from their house in a few days. They get emotional. They find Rajveer managing the arrangements. Karan tells Mahesh that Rajveer and Preeta are similar, they see the Luthra family as their family and always help. He finds Preeta’s qualities in Rajveer. He doesn’t know their connection. Rakhi blesses Rajveer. Karan asks Mahesh did he tell the truth to Rajveer. Mahesh tells that he didn’t tell anything, Rakhi likes Rajveer a lot, so she is showering love. Varun and his family arrive. He gets impatient and asks for Kavya. Kareena asks him to have patience. Varun is glad to meet Rajveer. Kavya meets her in-laws. Rajveer wishes Preeta was with them.

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