3 Top Twists in Anupama Imlie Yeh Hai Chahatein

3 Top Twists in Anupama Imlie Yeh Hai Chahatein

3 Top Twists in Anupama Imlie Yeh Hai Chahatein. Anuj is glad that Hasmukh has returned home. He watches the Shah family taking care of Anu. Vanraj offers help to Anuj and proposes that he will take Anu to Shah’s house to look after her. Barkha asks Anuj not to listen to Vanraj. Anuj finds Anu bonding with Kavya. He tells Vanraj that Anu needs love and affection. He agrees to Vanraj but wonders how will he send Anu to Shah’s house. Anu tells Anuj that she wants to go to Shah’s house and play with Pari. Anuj asks Hasmukh and Vanraj to look after Anu. Vanraj asks Anuj to visit them whenever he wants to meet Anu.

Anuj thanks them for their support. He gives Anu’s responsibility to Vanraj. Anupama returns home for the sake of her daughter. She tells that she can stay away from her dreams, but not her daughter. Malti rebukes her for forgetting her responsibilities. She slaps Anupama and threatens of destroying her. Anuj and Vanraj grow worried for Anupama. Leela, Kanta, and Hasmukh also get concerned for Anupama.


Yeh Hai Chahatein:

Kashvi messages Arjun to save her life. Suraj and Pankaj threaten her and are confident that nobody will come to save her. Arjun rushes to save Kashni from checking her message on time. He brings her home. The family is relieved that Arjun is okay. His parents question him about the incident. Arjun reveals that Suraj and Pankaj have put Kashvi into trouble. Bua Ji tells that her sons are sleeping in their room. Arjun insists she calls them. He tells that they will talk today itself and the family should know the truth. He asks Kashvi to stay strong and tell the truth to the family. He assures that he is with her. He urges her to expose Suraj and Pankaj. He files a legal complaint against Suraj and Pankaj. He wants them to get arrested and punished.

Imlie and Atharv share a happy moment when they unite. Rudra and Devika are happy that the sorrow will subside from their lives. Imlie learns that Kairi is her daughter. The family is moved to know the truth from Atharv. Atharv’s revelation shocks Imlie. He tells her that he has done everything for his daughter. She is shattered knowing his mean act. She expresses her pain as a mother. She asks him how did he separate her from her daughter.
She asks Atharv to try to understand her level of sorrow and pain. Devika regrets her son’s wrong act. Imlie tells that she couldn’t live with her child. She accuses Atharv. Devika apologizes to Imlie. She tells that her pain is bigger than anyone else. Imlie decides to forgive Atharv and end ties with him. She takes Kairi with her and leaves the house.


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