Preeran Connect in Kundali Bhagya 15th July 2023 Written Update

Preeran Connect in Kundali Bhagya 15th July 2023 Written Update

Preeran Connect in Kundali Bhagya 15th July 2023 Written Update. Karan weeps and goes away from the function when he fails to control his emotions. Preeta is still on the video call. She gets to see Karan and is surprised. She greets him. Karan looks around. She tells that she wants to thank him. She asks him to look at the phone. She finds him upset. She thinks he is emotional because his daughter will get married soon. Karan doesn’t see the phone, while she talks to him. She tells that Kavya is very pretty. She asks him to say something. She consoles him. Rakhi tells that Karan is scared Kavya will leave them and go away. Karan tells that he is upset, Preeta isn’t with him on his important day and he is missing her a lot. Rakhi asks him to control his emotions because Kavya will cry if she sees her father crying.

He tells that he is missing Preeta a lot. Preeta tells that she can come and help him if he wants. He thinks of his moments with Preeta. Rakhi tells that the family will play a game to make the day more special for Kavya and Varun. They get seated to play the passing the parcel game. Rajveer tells that he will play the music. Bani asks him to sit and play with the family. Nidhi asks Karan to join them. Karan joins them. Rajveer regrets to see Nidhi in Preeta’s place. Nidhi sees Rajveer and waits for the huge drama to strike him. Aarohi asks why is she smiling. Nidhi tells that Rajveer is so innocent and Rakhi loves him a lot. She doesn’t think Rakhi can save Rajveer this time. She wants to punish Rajveer for hiding about Preeta.


The family gets into a fun zone while playing an interesting game. Rajveer questions Varun about how much he loves Kavya. He asks Varun to answer them. Varun tells that Rajveer is taking his test. Shaurya asks Rajveer not to get personal. Rajveer tells that marriage isn’t a game, they should know Varun’s love for Kavya and there isn’t any problem. Shaurya tells that he hates people who pretend nice. He asks Rajveer to remember that he/Rajveer isn’t Kavya’s brother. Rajveer tells that Kavya is his sister and he will do a brother’s duty. Karan asks them to stop fighting and just focus on the game. Nidhi tells that Rajveer always spoils Shaurya’s fun.

Karan tells her that Rajveer is a nice guy. He adds that he trusts Rajveer and counts him in the family now. He rebukes Shaurya for always starting an argument with Rajveer. Shaurya angrily leaves the game. Kritika asks him to stop for Kavya’s sake. Shaurya is upset that Karan always calls him wrong. Rajveer requests Shaurya to sit back. Shaurya asks him to leave the game. Mahesh tells Shaurya that he shouldn’t take the game seriously. He asks him to do a brother’s duty and not ruin the function. He asks Shaurya to look at Kavya’s in-laws, who are witnessing the drama. He convinces Shaurya. Varun tells that he wants to sing and express his love for Kavya. Varun sings a romantic song for Kavya. Karan asks Nidhi to explain Shaurya and asks him to behave.

She asks him to explain Rajveer. She asks Karan not to say that he hired Rajveer just because he is talented. She asks what special thing is he getting from Rajveer. Karan remembers Preeta. He tells that he will tell her the truth. Aarohi interrupts their conversation. Karan makes a leave. Nidhi asks Aarohi why did she stop her when Karan was going to reveal the truth. Aarohi asks her to know that if Karan shares the truth, then he won’t be in her control. She tells that Karan loves Preeta a lot, Nidhi shouldn’t question Karan and just try to make Preeta away. Nidhi thanks her for the right advice.


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