1 new blame in YRKKH Akshara hits at Abhi

1 new blame in YRKKH Akshara hits at Abhi

1 new blame in YRKKH Akshara hits at Abhi. YRKKH 16th July 2023 Written Update. Abhimanyu sends Abhir’s picture to Abhinav to share the joy. Abhinav gets emotional. He learns that Akshara had gone to give the old shoes to Abhir. She tells him that she couldn’t meet Abhir. She doesn’t know how Abhir is managing. He shows the picture to Akshara. She tells him that she didn’t wish to give him tension about his result, if she fails then she won’t be able to get her child back. He asks her not to worry. He has faith that she will pass with good marks. Mahima tells Shefali that she is bringing Shivansh home for the sake of Parth’s happiness. She tells that she is doing the same thing as Manjiri. She wants to think about her son’s happiness. She tells Anand that Shefali and Parth can give another chance in their relationship. Shefali gets upset.

On the other side, Abhinav checks Akshara’s results online. Goenkas wish Akshara to pass the exam and get Abhir back into their family. Akshara is tense. Abhinav breaks the news that Akshara has passed the law exam. Abhimanyu tells the kids that Shivansh is coming. Abhir stays upset with Manjiri. He tells about Akshara’s exam results coming. Abhimanyu checks the results with Abhir’s help. He tells that Akshara has passed the exams. Abhir gets very happy, while Manjiri is tense that Akshara will fight the custody battle again. Goenkas want to party for Akshara’s success. Abhimanyu and Abhir appear happy about Akshara’s success.


He asks Abhir to call Akshara and congratulate her. Abhir tells that he doesn’t want to talk. Manjiri advises Abhimanyu to keep Abhir away from Akshara. Abhimanyu tells that Abhir is Akshara’s son. She is afraid that Akshara will try to snatch Abhir from them. Akshara meets a reputed lawyer to talk about Abhir’s custody case. She wants to get her son back. Nyonika motivates Akshara to fight till she gets her son. Abhimanyu convinces Abhir to meet Akshara. They come to Goenka’s house to meet Akshara and Abhinav.

Akshara senses Abhir’s coming and runs to the door. Abhir stays upset. She asks him to forget his annoyance for some time. Abhir hugs his parents. He wishes Akshara. Aarohi and Ruhi also congratulate Akshara. Akshara cuts a cake and celebrates her victory. Surekha feels Abhimanyu has hurt Akshara before and then did the aid. Akshara is thankful to Abhimanyu for bringing Abhir home. He apologizes to her on Manjiri’s behalf. He tells that he can’t change Manjiri’s actions. She refuses to accept the apology. Abhimanyu tells that Akshara can meet Abhir anytime. Manjiri hinders Akshara and Abhir’s meeting.


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