Kumkum Bhagya 16th July 2023 Written Update Suspicious Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 16th July 2023 Written Update Suspicious Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 16th July 2023 Written Update Suspicious Prachi. Mihika asks Ranbir to lie to everyone. He thanks her for understanding and helping him. She asks him not to thank her. She tells that he is such a good human being and that anyone would like him. She thinks of him and blushes. Prachi asks Akshay to tell the family that they can’t get Mihika married to Ranbir because they aren’t a good match. She tells that Ranbir isn’t right for Mihika. He asks why is she saying it. He feels Ranbir is a nice guy and he loves Mihika. He asks why doesn’t she like Ranbir. She tells that she doesn’t like Ranbir. She criticizes Ranbir. He tells that he knows Ranbir well, Ranbir earns well and she can take care of Mihika’s needs.

Prachi asks if Mihika is a burden on them. He tells that Ranbir is a good match for Mihika. She tells that Ranbir is doing a drama to get into their good books. Manpreet overhears their conversation. Akshay tells that Prachi knows Ranbir because of Rhea. He agrees to delay the decision. He tells that he will speak to Ashok about it. He asks Prachi to be happy. Prachi goes away. Manpreet tells Akshay that Prachi knows Ranbir well because of Rhea. Akshay tells that Prachi is concerned about Mihika, and that’s the reason she is refusing this alliance. She understands Prachi is a nice person and cares for the family.


She feels lucky to get Prachi as her Bahu. She calls it fate. The family calls Ranbir and Mihika for the puja. Manpreet tells Prachi that she overheard her opinion about Ranbir. She adds that Ranbir should get a second chance in his life. Akshay and Prachi, Ranbir, and Mihika are called for the Phera rituals. Vishaka plays the marriage mantras. She tells the pandit that one couple is married and the other couple is going to marry. She makes it more difficult for them. The power fails before the seven rounds are complete. Vishaka tells that she will go and check. She stumbles into darkness.

Akshay and Ranbir rush to check the fuse. Akshay finds it strange that the power failed. He feels embarrassed. They check the fuse and find it removed. Ranbir tells that someone removed the fuse deliberately. Akshay asks who can do it, knowing a function is going on. He tells that someone wants to separate them from their partners and spoil the rituals. Ranbir asks him not to stress and put the fuse back. Akshay fixes the fuse back. Ranbir asks him to come and complete the rituals. Ashok and Vishaka wonder how did the power failure occur. Vishaka scolds the maid for not cleaning the floor.

Ranbir tells them that someone removed the fuse deliberately. Akshay tells that he doesn’t know who did this. Vishaka suspects Prachi. Pandit asks them to resume the puja. Ranbir makes an excuse and goes away. He recalls meeting an electrician and requesting him to remove the fuse. He assures that he is doing this for a good cause. He tells that he will pay him money. The man agrees to help him, but not for money. Ranbir tells that he wants to give the money to his wish. He thanks the man for keeping his word. He asks him not to tell anyone about it. The man refuses to accept money. Ranbir asks the reason. The man tells him that he knows Ashok and his family well. He understands that Ranbir wasn’t willing to perform the rituals. Ranbir praises him and requests him to keep the money. Prachi sees Ranbir and suspects him. She knows he has done something unusual.


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