Anupama Failed journey Maya becomes the reason

Anupama Failed journey Maya becomes the reason

Anupama Failed journey Maya becomes the reason. Anupama reasons Maya for her failed journey. Malti Devi meets Anupama and vents her anger. She slaps Anupama and asks her the reason for backing out. She doesn’t know why Anupama ditched her in the last moment. Anupama tells that Malti Devi’s anger is justified. She accepts any punishment. She asks Malti Devi to give a chance to justify herself. She can’t see the pain in Malti’s eyes. Malti gives her a chance to speak. She asks why did Anupama cheat her. Anupama says she is a mother first and then a person with aspirations and dreams. She gives a befitting reply to Malti Devi. She tells that she is a mother and can never neglect her daughter’s pain.

She accepts that she has done wrong as Malti’s student but has done right as Anu’s mother. She regrets her move for hurting Malti and breaking her trust. She tells that she is proud to succeed as a mother. She is grateful to Anupama for encouraging her to move ahead and pursue her dreams. She tells that a woman isn’t the same once she becomes a mother. She expects Malti to understand her emotions. Anupama lectures Malti on motherhood and motherly emotions. Malti gets emotional. Her anger seems to calm down, but the problem still stays the same. Anupama tells Malti that she remembers every teaching, but didn’t think of backing out.


She knows Malti isn’t stone-hearted because she is also a mother. She can sense Malti’s motherly emotions. She tells that she has felt Malti’s emotions for her, Malti cared for her and loved her as a mother. Anupama tells that children come first for a mother and a mother can do anything for them. She tells that she left her dreams and couldn’t go to the US after seeing Anu’s emotional breakdown.

She is glad that Anu is okay, safe and happy now. She doesn’t care about people’s opinion about her. She tells that she can’t neglect her daughter’s pain just for the sake of her dreams. Malti Devi breaks her silence. She tells that Anupama is a great mother, but snatched everything from her. She asks why should she bear the punishment of Anupama’s motherhood. She reprimands Anuj for stopping Anupama back by using Anu’s sorrow. Anupama tells that she has come by her own wish, Anuj didn’t ask her to return, but the reason was Maya.


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