Kundali Bhagya 18th July 2023 Written Update Old Preeta is back

Kundali Bhagya 18th July 2023 Written Update Old Preeta is back

Kundali Bhagya 18th July 2023 Written Update Old Preeta is back. Nidhi and Karan have an argument about Rajveer’s arrest. She tells that Rajveer is Shaurya’s enemy and he has robbed their house just to hurt Shaurya. Karan asks her to clear her mind. He tells that Shaurya feels the family doesn’t love him and they are against him, but this isn’t true. He adds that Shaurya has become such insensitive and insecure because he grew up without his mother’s love and care. Nidhi is shocked by his statement. She tells Karan that she is Shaurya’s mother who raised him with much love and care. She tells that Preeta has given birth to Shaurya, but she/Nidhi has raised Shaurya very well. She answers Karan.

Preeta reaches the Luthra house and looks for Rajveer. She reaches Karan’s room but doesn’t see him. Shaurya and Nidhi send Rajveer to the police station after getting him arrested. Rajveer tells Nidhi that he didn’t do any robbery and that it’s her disgusting plan to frame him. Nidhi raises her hand at Rajveer. Preeta reaches the police station and stops Nidhi from slapping Rajveer. She tells that she will break Nidhi’s hand if she dares to slap her son. She declares that Rajveer is her son. This shocks Nidhi.


Nidhi realizes that Rajveer is Karan and Preeta’s son Rudraksh Luthra. This revelation will bring a major change in the coming track. Are you excited to see the old and bold Preeta back on the track? Will Preeta regain her memory and remember her bonds with the Luthra family? Keep reading for a full written update on Kundali Bhagya 18th July 2023.

Kundali Bhagya 18th July 2023 Written Update Old Preeta is back:

Preeta rushes to the Luthra mansion. She gets stuck in a traffic jam. She asks someone to help her. Preeta and Rajveer’s photo frame falls and breaks. Shrishti gets worried by the bad omen. She fears for Rajveer. She thinks about how to find out about Rajveer. She calls up Rajveer. She worries when he doesn’t answer. She calls Preeta. Preeta doesn’t know what to tell Shrishti. She takes the call. Shrishti asks her about Rajveer. Preeta tells that everything is okay. Shaurya tells Kavya about Rajveer’s mistakes. He adds that Rajveer sent him to jail, ruined the awards function, and electrocuted him at the music launch party. He asks Rajveer to tell Kavya if he is lying. Rajveer asks Kavya to just follow her heart. He tells Shaurya that he will do this again if needed. He isn’t scared of anyone.

He tells them that he didn’t steal the money. Shaurya calls him a disgusting person. Rajveer scolds him like an elder brother. Shaurya asks him to behave well while talking to him in his house. Rajveer admits that he is guilty of his actions because he has punished Shaurya for his mistake. He tells that Shaurya has ruined a girl’s respect. He reveals Shaurya’s mistakes to Kavya. He tells that he got Shaurya arrested because Shaurya had hurt the person he loves the most, his Maasi. Preeta wants to reach the Luthra house at the earliest.

Shaurya asks Rajveer to stop lying. Rajveer tells that he didn’t do anything wrong and he is leaving. He asks Nidhi to find the money in the house. He tells that she is blaming him for the theft. Nidhi tells that Rajveer had indeed stolen the money because he accompanied her to the locker room and also got to know the code. Rajveer tells that he would have run away if he had stolen the money. Nidhi tells that she has told the truth and now the police will investigate. She asks Karan to say something. She tells that Karan knows she is saying the truth. Karan is speechless. Rajveer doesn’t expect anyone to take a stand for him, because he is innocent and fights his battle.

Rakhi tells that Rajveer is a sincere guy and he can’t steal the money. Mahesh, Kavya, Kritika Kareena, and Bani also support Rajveer. Nidhi tells that she can’t understand their useless emotions. She asks how can they trust Rajveer, who robbed one crore. Shaurya asks Inspector to arrest Rajveer. He argues with Inspector. Karan asks him to keep his manners and behave well. He asks Nidhi to stop taunting Rajveer. She tells that she loves everyone and cares for them. She asks Karan if he will scold her for a stranger’s sake. Shaurya tells that Nidhi is fighting for him, and that’s why she is being rebuked. He regrets that even Kavya isn’t defending him. Rajveer asks him not to involve Kavya in their matter.

Karan stops them from fighting. Karan and Nidhi go for a talk. Shaurya initiates a fight with Rajveer. Preeta reaches the back gate and finds Rajveer in trouble. She sees Rajveer getting arrested. She shouts to protect Rajveer. She runs inside the house. Karan asks Nidhi what does she want. He tells that Rajveer is a nice guy and he is like a family member. He asks her not to make Shaurya think that the family is against him. He regrets that Shaurya has become insecure because he didn’t get his mother’s love. Nidhi asks what does he mean to say. She tells that she doesn’t provoke Shaurya. She asks him not to say this again. She tells that she is Shaurya’s mother and loves him a lot.

She asks him to think of Shaurya, not Rajveer. She tells that Shaurya is his son. Karan calls it enough. He doesn’t want to talk about it. She asks him to remember, she will stand by Shaurya always. She declares that she will punish Rajveer for breaking her trust. Preeta and Karan have a hit-and-miss. The family asks Inspector not to arrest Rajveer. Nidhi asks Inspector to take Rajveer away. Shaurya tells that he can’t see the family drama. He goes to his room. Rajveer tells that he didn’t do any crime. Nidhi stops the family from going after Rajveer. She asks why they care for Rajveer. Rakhi asks her to let them go. Nidhi asks them to answer her first. Rakhi gets angry and shouts to call Karan.

Shaurya tells Sandy that finally, he got rid of Rajveer. Sandy asks him if Rajveer has stolen the money. He learns that Shaurya was fooling everyone. Shaurya tells that he didn’t wish to hurt Preeta while tackling Rajveer. Karan senses Preeta in the house. He looks for her. Shaurya smiles seeing Rajveer taken out of the house. Rakhi wants Karan to control Nidhi. Karan comes to them and asks where is Rajveer. Mahesh tells that Rajveer is taken away by the police.

Nidhi asks Karan to see his family supporting a thief. Karan rebukes Nidhi. She asks him to rebuke his family members. Varun apologizes to speak about their family matter. He tells that Rajveer is a nice guy, so everyone wants to save him, but Nidhi got him arrested to know the truth. He asks everyone to calm down. Mahesh agrees. Kavya regrets to invite Rajveer home. Nidhi calls it her fault. She argues with Karan. She tells that the police will find the truth and expose Rajveer.


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