Anupama Real test begins 19th July 2023 Written Update

Anupama Real test begins 19th July 2023 Written Update

Anupama Real test begins 19th July 2023 Written Update. Anupama tells Malti Devi that she heard Maya’s appeal and followed her heart. She adds that she got missed calls from the ashram, she called back and got to know about Anu. She tells that the phone call was a big hint for her because her flight was also in Mumbai at the same time. She tells how she rushed to the ashram and took care of Anu. She adds that Maya also wanted this. Anupama tells that Maya also wanted the same. She reveals that she had seen Maya at the orphanage as well and Maya was protecting Anu till she reached there. She tells that she stayed back in the past for Pakhi’s sake and this time, she has stayed back for Anu’s sake.

She regrets that her dreams broke. She tells that she is happy as a mother. The family feels proud of Anupama’s sacrifice for Anu. She apologizes to Malti. She asks Malti to decide it. The family appeals to Malti to forgive Anupama. They take a stand for Anupama and try to calm down Malti’s rage. Malti tells that Guru’s blessing is big and Guru’s curse is bigger. She threatens Anupama that she can destroy her. She feels Anupama has ruined her and now it’s her turn to take revenge. She declares that Shahs and Kapadias can’t save Anupama from her wrath. She swears to not let Anupama live in peace and destroy her completely.


She asks the family members to witness Anupama’s destruction. Anupama is hurt. Anuj takes care of Anupama. Anupama is sad that Malti didn’t forgive her. Anuj asks her to keep trying until Malti forgives her. Vanraj tells the family that Malti will ruin Anupama’s happiness. Hasmukh tells that Malti’s curse will affect Anupama. Kinjal tells that Malti can’t curse Anupama, who is her student, not a slave. Paritosh also feels Malti has been unfair. Dimpy asks him not to clarify when Anupama accepted her mistake. Vanraj wonders why did Anupama come back. Kavya tells that Anupama came back for Anu.

Kinjal tells that Anuj and Anu should have accompanied Anupama to the US. Vanraj tells that Anuj can’t leave his business unattended. Hasmukh feels Anupama has followed her heart. Vanraj thinks about what will Malti do now. Leela tells that Malti will take the wrong step. Vanraj tells that even their family will get affected. Leela tells that they aren’t involved. Dimpy tells that they are connected to Anupama. She fears that Malti won’t forgive Anupama. Anuj tells Ankush that Anupama is shattered after facing numerous sorrow at once. Ankush tells that Anupama is just thinking of Anu, but Malti can file a legal case against Anupama.

Anuj tells that he respects Malti, but she is wrong this time. He is ready to compensate for her loss and answer her attacks. He doesn’t want Malti to hurt Anupama. Ankush tells that Malti might realize her mistake and forgive Anupama once her wrath vanishes. Anuj feels Malti will strike Anupama and they have to be alert. Nakul asks Malti not to stay upset. He tells that he will cover up the losses. She tells that she got cheated and she can’t forgive Anupama. He tells that she should forgive a helpless Anupama. She asks him to leave her alone if he feels she is wrong. She tells that she doesn’t need anyone. He asks her not to hurt herself with her anger. She wants to trouble Anupama. She decides to strike on Anupama’s motherhood, which is her biggest weakness.

Anupama begins a day by singing a bhajan and performing the morning puja. She is glad to choose her family over her dreams. She prays that Malti gets peace in her life. She promises Maya that she will bring Anu out of sorrow very soon. She shares her special plans with Maya. She meets Malti, who begins to trouble her in Gurukul. Anupama prepares her mind to face the storm of Malti’s wrath and be patient until she wins her Gurumaa’s heart again. Dimpy testifies against Anupama in the media, and upsets Samar and entire Shah family.


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