Kundali Bhagya 21st July 2023 Written Update Preeta’s news

Kundali Bhagya 21st July 2023 Written Update Preeta's news

Kundali Bhagya 21st July 2023 Written Update Preeta’s news. Rajveer seeks permission to make a call home. He wants to inform about Shaurya’s threats. He gets to speak to Shrishti. She enquires about his whereabouts. He regrets to inform that he is at the police station post his arrest, all thanks to the Luthra family. Shrishti is shocked to know that he got connected to the Luthras. He tells her that he wanted to take revenge on Luthras, so he had joined their company. He adds that its not been a week and they have trapped him in a fake theft case. He reveals that he wanted to stay close to Karan and destroy him, but he is in jail now with the charges of stealing one crore rupees.

Shrishti gets panicking. She asks him about Preeta. Rajveer asks her to find Preeta and pacify her. He assures that he will prove his innocence. They both aren’t aware of Preeta’s accident. Preeta gets treated. Doctor tells the nurse about Preeta’s irregular heartbeat, she is unconscious but her emotions are still working in her mind. She adds that Preeta is thinking of someone very close to her. Kavya tells Karan and Shaurya that Rajveer can’t be wrong. She asks Karan to help Rajveer. Shaurya doesn’t want anyone from the family to support Rajveer.


She tells that she doesn’t think they will help Rajveer, so now she will take the matter into her hands and help an innocent Rajveer. Soon, Preeta’s accident news reaches Shrishti. Preeta will recover and go to the police station to help out her son Rajveer. She will face Nidhi and have a clash with her. Preeta’s bold avatar will be seen once again when she takes a firm stand for Rajveer. Keep reading for a full written update on Kundali Bhagya 21st July 2023.

Kundali Bhagya 21st July 2023 Written Update Preeta’s news:

Shrishti likes Palki. She asks Mohit if Palki doesn’t know anything. Mohit tells that even Rajveer doesn’t know it and some people can’t see it. Shrishti understands what he means. She calls Preeta. Shaurya arrives home and meets Nidhi. He asks why is she stressed. She tells that Kavya is crying a lot and Karan is angry. She is afraid that their plan might flop. Shaurya asks what does she mean. She tells that she heard Karan speaking to a lawyer. Shaurya gets angry and goes to speak to Karan. Rajveer misses Shrishti. He shouts to call the constable and take his help. He wishes for a miracle that Shrishti comes to Mumbai. He knows only Shrishti can look after Preeta and become her strength.

Preeta gets treated by the doctor. Constable tells Rajveer that the inspector didn’t permit him to make any phone calls. Rajveer requests him. Constable tells that he will ask the inspector and see if he can help. Shrishti is shocked when a lady attends her call on Preeta’s phone and informs her about Preeta’s accident. Shrishti tells this to Gurpreet and Palki. She rushes to the hospital with Mohit. The doctor tells that Preeta has some tension and her mind is working. She adds that she might be thinking of her loved ones. She goes out and talks to the couple. The lady tells that Preeta was taking Rajveer’s name.

Constable allows Rajveer to make a call. Mohit tells Shrishti that he will get his bike. She gets Rajveer’s call. She asks about Preeta. He doesn’t know how to tell her the truth. He apologizes to her. He tells that he came to Mumbai to take revenge on Luthras, he joined their company to ruin Karan and he landed in jail, he didn’t gain anything and got defeated. She is left shocked. She thinks he doesn’t know about Preeta’s accident. She tells that she had sensed he is in a problem, so she came to Mumbai to see him. She asks him not to worry. He gets glad.

Shaurya meets Kavya and asks her to stop the emotional drama. He asks her if she will cry to melt his heart. He tells that she can’t support Rajveer by going against her brother. He adds that he is her brother and she must support him. She refuses to listen. He asks her what did she tell Karan to get his support. He doesn’t want her to get selfish. She asks him to go out. He scolds her. Karan reaches there and scolds Shaurya for forgetting his manners. Shaurya apologizes. He asks Karan not to talk to any lawyer for Rajveer. Shaurya angrily leaves. Kavya asks Karan what did he do to help Rajveer. Karan tells that he called the lawyer, but he needs time to think. He asks her not to take the stress. Kavya misses Preeta.

He tells that Preeta would have supported Rajveer if she was there. Shrishti tells Mohit that they will go to the hospital first and then to the police station. She regrets to tell that both Preeta and Rajveer are suffering. Mohit tells that she is sharp. Kavya cries that she isn’t able to do a sister’s duty. Karan tells Shaurya that Kavya is upset with him. He asks him to let the police find the truth. He doesn’t want his children to fight. She tells that they are misunderstanding her. She knows Rajveer is innocent. She wants to handle the matter. Karan tells that Kavya is behaving like Shaurya.

Shrishti meets the lady at the hospital and learns that Preeta is in the ICU. She worries about seeing Preeta. She tells that Preeta should have told her the problems she is facing. She adds that Rajveer got arrested. She gets angry with the Luthras. She wonders if they know Rajveer’s truth. She is sure that they would not get him arrested if they knew the truth. She thinks if they didn’t accept Rajveer. She wants to take revenge on Luthras. The doctor asks Shrishti to let Preeta take rest else the disturbance can affect her mind. Shrishti worries.

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