Kundali Bhagya 22nd July 2023 Written Update Shrishti blasts Nidhi

Kundali Bhagya 22nd July 2023 Written Update Shrishti blasts Nidhi

Kundali Bhagya 22nd July 2023 Written Update Shrishti blasts Nidhi. Palki learns about Rajveer’s arrest. She goes to the police station and meets him. She encourages him to be strong. She tells that she knows Rajveer isn’t wrong and she will try her best to save her. She adds that she won’t let anything happen to him. Shrishti and Mohit arrive at the Luthra house. Nidhi rushes to the gate and is shocked to see Shrishti. Shrishti asks how dare she gets her son arrested. Nidhi asks her if Rajveer is her son. Shrishti tells that Rajveer is her son. Nidhi is shocked to know that Rajveer is closely related to Preeta, and Preeta is his Maasi, who is Shaurya fond of.

Nidhi realizes the complications arising from Rajveer’s arrival into their lives. Shrishti yells at Nidhi and rebukes her. She wants to confront Karan about Rajveer’s arrest, but Nidhi blocks her way into the house. Will Shrishti meet the Luthras and admit that Rajveer is Preeta and Karan’s son Rudraksh? Keep reading for a full written update on Kundali Bhagya 22nd July 2023.



Neil misunderstands Faltu and Charan, and thinks they are the robbers’ gang members. His Dada ji tells him that Faltu is Ayaan Mittal’s wife and Mittal’s Bahu, she belongs to a good family and she isn’t any thief. He also reveals the problems Faltu is facing because of Ayaan sending the divorce papers. He makes Neil realize his mistake. Neil rushes after Faltu and Charan to apologize to them. Faltu and Charan land into trouble when suddenly some thugs try to loot them for money. Neil comes as a savior for them and bashes the goons. He saves them and takes them home. Will Faltu have a new start with Neil or will Ayaan succeed in finding her? Stay tuned.

Shrishti tells the doctor that she will come back in a few hours. She thanks Ajay and his wife Diya for bringing Preeta to the hospital. She asks Mohit to take her to the Luthra house. She tells that Preeta will gain consciousness in a few hours. She wants to help out Rajveer. Diya tells that she will stay back with Preeta. Shrishti thanks her. She tells Mohit that Rajveer got arrested for theft. Mohit calls up Palki and informs her about Rajveer. He asks Palki to reach the police station and meet Rajveer. He asks her not to tell Rajveer about Preeta’s accident. Palki and Gurpreet reach the police station. They ask the inspector about Rajveer. Palki asks if they can meet Rajveer.

Inspector tells that they can’t meet him until their investigation completes. She tells that it’s an emergency and that she will just take two minutes. He permits them to go. They meet Rajveer and ask him about the matter. Rajveer tells them that he went to attend Kavya’s Roka, the money got stolen in the Luthra house and the family blamed him for theft and got him arrested. He adds that he didn’t do anything. Palki tells that she knows Shaurya has done this. He feels bad that Shaurya ruined Kavya’s Roka. Gurpreet asks him not to worry, she will speak to a lawyer and get help. Palki tells that Shrishti is also coming in sometime.

Shrishti reaches the Luthra house. She gets mad in anger and throws a stone to break the window glass. She shouts. Kareena, Bani, and Rakhi are worried for Rajveer. They see the stone breaking the window. They wonder who is doing this. Shaurya and Nidhi walk downstairs to know who is hitting the stones. Nidhi stops Shaurya. She tells that she will handle it. Rajveer tells that Shrishti would be with Preeta. Palki asks if Preeta knows about his arrest. He tells that Preeta saw everything on the video call, she came to the Luthra house and tried to stop the police. He asks her if Preeta is okay.

He worries for Shrishti and Preeta. He tells that Shrishti can do anything in anger. Palki asks him not to worry. Gurpreet tells that she will arrange his bail. Palki tells Rajveer that she trusts him, she knows he isn’t wrong and she won’t let anything happen to him. He is glad. Mohit is shocked to see Shrishti’s anger. Nidhi faces Shrishti. Shrishti yells at her. She asks Nidhi how dare she falsely accuse and get her son arrested. She tells that Rajveer is her son. Nidhi receives a shock. Shaurya insults Nidhi. She asks Mohit to give her a stone. She takes the stone to hit Nidhi. Nidhi gets scared. Mohit stops Shrishti. Shaurya reaches there to protect Nidhi. He asks Shrishti if is she mad. Shrishti wants to know about him.

Shaurya asks Shrishti to leave. He threatens to get her arrested along with her son. Shrishti tells that Nidhi has given such bad values to her son. She taunts Nidhi and Karan. She tells that they don’t value anyone’s emotions. Nidhi tries to take Shaurya with her. She asks Shrishti to stop it else she will get her arrested. Shrishti isn’t scared of the police. She gives a warning to Nidhi and Shaurya. She tells that she will get her son released from jail. She asks Nidhi to go and tell everyone that Shrishti is back. Shrishti asks Mohit not to tell anyone about this drama. Mohit agrees. She swears to teach a lesson to the Luthras. Karan asks the family what’s going on.

Bani tells that someone broke the window by throwing stones. He asks who did it. Kareena tells that Nidhi and Shaurya have gone to check. Karan thinks if Preeta has come. He runs outside. Nidhi worries that he has gone to see the woman at the gate. Shrishti leaves. Karan fails to speak to her. Nidhi asks him to not worry. She tells that some mad woman was venting her anger. Rishabh tells Rakhi that he will take her. Shaurya tells him about a mad woman hitting stones at their house. He tells how that woman was yelling at Nidhi and insulting the Luthras. He doesn’t like anyone insulting his family. He tells that Nidhi didn’t let him hear much of their conversation. Nidhi lies to the family.

Rishabh tells Karan that Rakhi wants to meet Rajveer’s Maasi. Karan asks the reason. Rakhi tells that she wants to apologize to Rajveer’s Maasi for all the mess. Nidhi misbehaves with Rakhi. Shaurya tells that Rajveer’s Maasi is a nice lady and they shouldn’t involve her. Nidhi tells that Rajveer’s Maasi could be involved in the robbery. Karan asks her not to hinder Rakhi. Rishabh asks Karan and Nidhi not to fight for everything. Rakhi tells that she will change and come. Nidhi wonders where did Kavya go. Palki cries for Rajveer. She comes across Kavya. She thinks where did she see Kavya before? Kavya rushes to meet Rajveer.


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