Bhagya Lakshmi Wedding Promo Lakshmi backs out

Bhagya Lakshmi Wedding Promo Lakshmi backs out

Bhagya Lakshmi Wedding Promo Lakshmi backs out. Anjana asks Vikrant not to make any mistakes, they have reached this point by difficulty and their victory is close, but if he gets caught before marriage, then they will get defamed. She asks him to keep his mind calm and tolerate Rishi. Rishi and Lakshmi have a moment. He tells Lakshmi that the day she gets married to Vikrant, their(Rishi and Lakshmi) relationship will end. Ayush tells Shalu that he has made a good plan to stop the marriage. He adds that they will win. He plans to kidnap Vikrant. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he would not like to see her face if she becomes Vikrant’s wife, once she leaves the house, then he will leave her life. Karishma overhears them and is glad that Rishi has made up his mind.

Ayush tells the family that Rishi and Lakshmi should get married. He tells Neelam and Karishma that Rishi and Lakshmi have done the Milni rasam together when she had to do it with Vikrant. He asks them to take it as a sign. Karishma says that Pandit got confused about the groom and thought Rishi was marrying Lakshmi. She blames Lakshmi for not clearing the pandit’s confusion. She tells that Lakshmi is cunning and she had plotted that. She doesn’t think it’s any hint. Ayush tells that he used to regret and get angry before, but now he thinks to laugh at her because she always drags her into the matter and accuses her.


He asks her to stop accusing Lakshmi. Karishma tells that she will stop accusing Lakshmi tomorrow because Lakshmi will be leaving the house forever in a day. The family waits for Vikrant. They get worried when Vikrant doesn’t come for the marriage. Saloni calls Vikrant. Vikrant gets trapped by Ayush’s plan. Ayush sends the goons to stop Vikrant from reaching the mandap. He hinders Vikrant deliberately. He tells Shalu that he will not let Vikrant marry Lakshmi. Vikrant bribes the goons and gets freed. He reaches the mandap to marry Lakshmi.

Lakshmi takes a step towards a new life with Vikrant. Vikrant and Lakshmi take the wedding rounds. Rishi tries to stop the marriage. Vikrant sends the goons to stop Rishi from intervening in his marriage. Rishi gets bashed up by the goons. Lakshmi has no idea that Vikrant has sent the goons to kill Rishi. Rishi attempts to reach the mandap and stop the marriage. He faints on the floor. Vikrant asks Lakshmi to come ahead and complete the rounds. Lakshmi senses Rishi is in trouble. She stops taking rounds and breaks the gathbandhan. She breaks the marriage and goes to find Rishi. Lakshmi changes her fate’s decision. Rishi lies in need of help. Lakshmi rushes to see Rishi. She is stunned to find him injured. Lakshmi declares that she will not marry Vikrant.


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