Kumkum Bhagya 23rd July 2023 Written Update New track

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd July 2023 Written Update New track

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd July 2023 Written Update New track. Akshay and Ranbir get into a big fight. He realizes his mistake and apologizes to her when he finds her upset. She doesn’t talk to him. She asks if he wants to talk about Kumkum again. She tells that his behavior is not okay and she will not forget it. He tells that he will never repeat it. She tells that his words can’t be forgiven, it was very hurtful and made her cry. She doesn’t want the same thing to hurt her. She feels Akshay has another side. She tells that he is sensitive and caring, but he behaved like he is another person. She asks who is he and does she know him. She refuses to forgive. He asks her to scold him, but talk to him. She doesn’t want to listen to any of his clarifications. She tells that his behavior was too absurd.

He holds his ears and tries to apologize. He tells that he told all that in anger. She refuses to listen to him. He makes cute gestures and wins her forgiveness. Ranbir lands there and angers Akshay by his presence. Akshay raises his hand at him after Ranbir refuses to apologize to Prachi. Prachi asks Akshay to stop it. Akshay calms down and behaves sweetly. Akshay doesn’t want anyone to doubt him. Ranbir decides to teach a lesson to Akshay. He wants to keep Akshay away from Prachi. There is finally some big drama with this new track beginning. How excited are you? Keep reading for a full written update coming shortly on Kumkum Bhagya 23rd July 2023.


Kumkum Bhagya 23rd July 2023 Written Update New track

Ranbir tells that he has a relationship with Prachi. Mihika apologizes for blaming him. She tells that Akshay is disturbed, Prachi is wrong, she should have scolded Ranbir, she should have reacted but she didn’t do anything. Ranbir asks her to explain the matter to him. She tells that Akshay is in stress, and this will bring a problem in Akshay and Prachi’s relationship. She thinks to go and calm down Akshay. Ranbir finds her odd. He tells that it was a mistake, but Mihika isn’t understanding. Vishaka tells Ashok that she thinks a lot about his family. She is happy. She tells that she got to know Akshay and Prachi’s relationship truth and their marriage is real.

She is sure that Ranbir and Mihika aren’t fooling them and they are dating. Ashok tells that he always believed Ranbir. She tells that Prachi didn’t do it right. Ashok worries that his children stay mentally stable. He fears the past incident. Vishaka doesn’t want to talk about it. Ashok wishes he could have avoided the upcoming storm. Prachi is worried about Akshay’s behavior. Mihika sees Prachi and goes to find out if Akshay is okay. Prachi tells her that Akshay has gone mad. Mihika tells that any husband who loves his wife would react like that. She adds that it’s Ranbir’s mistake.

She tells that Ranbir should have apologized to Akshay. She feels it strange that Ranbir behaves as if he has a soft corner for Prachi. Ranbir collides with Prachi and apologizes. He asks her if is she okay. She scolds him and asks why did he apply the Kumkum to her. He tells her that he didn’t do it intentionally. She asks him to stop talking to her. She tells that she didn’t see Akshay so angry to date. Ranbir asks how dare Akshay vent his anger on her. She tells that Akshay is hurt and she didn’t know what to do. He tells that he will not leave Akshay for hurting Prachi. She stops him from creating drama. Ranbir tells that nobody can misbehave with her.

She tells him that they have no relationship, Akshay has brought Khushi into her life and made many favors to help her. She asks him not to spoil her life. Ranbir tells that he will not tolerate it. She warns him against fighting Akshay. Akshay tells Mihika that Prachi isn’t understanding his anger. He recalls how Ranbir filled Prachi’s hairline. He tells that it’s Prachi’s mistake by getting between. He loves Prachi a lot and tells that he scolded her a lot. He doesn’t want Prachi to leave him. Mihika asks him to calm down and look at her. She tells that he lost his control.

He tells that he doesn’t want to become unstable again. He is afraid of the place where he used to stay before. He tells that he doesn’t want to lose Prachi. She asks him to relax. She tells that even she had lost control today. She explains to him that they have to hide their wild behavior from everyone, if he loves Prachi and if she wants Ranbir, then they have to control their aggression. She asks him to convince Prachi with love.

Akshay tells that he is scared of his anger and he might hurt Prachi. He tells Mihika that he will try his best to convince Prachi. He thanks Mihika. Later, Vishaka praises Mihika for her choice. She likes Ranbir a lot. Abhay asks Divya not to anger Akshay. She tells that Akshay looks normal. Manpreet asks Prachi to serve the food to everyone. Akshay tells that Prachi is angry at him. Prachi and Akshay go away. Manpreet asks Ashok to explain to Akshay to behave well with his wife. Akshay goes to convince Prachi. Prachi asks what he wants to talk about. He apologizes for his behavior.

Ranbir reaches there and overhears them. Prachi tells that his behavior was too wrong and she can’t forgive him. She asks does he even realize, how he behaved with her, the incident is haunting her and she can’t relate to him. She asks how did he change so much. He apologizes. She tells that she doesn’t accept his apology. He sits down and holds his ears. He tells that he made a mistake and won’t repeat it. He promises her. He thanks her. He tells that they will go shopping and her mood will get better. She agrees. Ranbir stops Prachi from going with Akshay.


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