1 reentry in Kundali Bhagya Preeta meets the Luthras

1 reentry in Kundali Bhagya Preeta meets the Luthras

1 reentry in Kundali Bhagya Preeta meets the Luthras. Shrishti feels hurt and screams. Preeta rushes to meet her. She asks the constable to help her. She tells that she is a doctor and she will examine Shrishti. She asks the constable to open the lockup. The constable tells that she isn’t permitted to open the lockup. Preeta asks if a person should lose life for their rules. She gets permission to meet Shrishti. She asks her if is she okay. Shrishti tells that she was faking the pain just to meet Preeta. She asks Preeta not to meet the Luthra family. Preeta tells that she will meet them and request them to withdraw the complaint. Shrishti tells that the matter will get worse if she meets them.

Shrishti tells that they are bad people and Preeta should avoid them. Preeta tells that she can do anything for her son. She asks Shrishti not to stop her. She runs out of the lockup. Shrishti runs after Preeta to stop her but the constable catches her. Shrishti is put back in the lockup. Preeta will land in Luthra’s house to get justice for her son. Karan waits for Preeta to come and fight with him for Rajveer’s freedom. He knows the news of Rajveer’s arrest will reach Preeta, and she will come to fight for him, no matter whether their relationship is close or not. He knows Preeta’s humane side. He wants Preeta to meet her.


He is tired of losing hope when he failed to find her. He wishes fate brings her home and makes her stand right in front of his eyes. Karan’s wish gets fulfilled when Preeta re-enters the Luthra mansion after many years. She comes across Nidhi first. Will Nidhi block Preeta from meeting the family or will the latter reach Karan? Keep reading.


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