1 curtain raiser in YRKKH of upcoming twist

1 curtain raiser in YRKKH of upcoming twist

1 curtain raiser in YRKKH of upcoming twist. YRKKH 26th July 2023 Written Update. Akshara imagines Abhir in another kid and takes him home to feed the food. The neighbors see her and wonder what’s wrong. Muskaan tells Manish that he had given the right advice to Abhinav. Abhimanyu comes to meet the Goenkas and faces their wrath. Kairav asks Abhimanyu what does he want to snatch from them. Abhimanyu tells that he wants to talk to Abhinav and Akshara. He wants them to come back for Abhir’s sake. They ask Abhimanyu to spare Akshara, who is living her life under his conditions. They ask him to handle Abhir and just let Akshara and Abhinav live on their own. Abhimanyu tells that he wants them to be with their son. Surekha asks him if they can meet their son if they come back.

She tells that the same things will go on if they come back. She taunts him for snatching Akshara’s chance and breaking her heart. He tells that he won’t leave until he talks to Akshara. He adds that they know he is very stubborn. Manish welcomes Abhimanyu to dine with them because he is a guest. He asks Muskaan to serve the food to Abhimanyu. The boy gets scared seeing Akshara behaving weirdly. She doesn’t let him go anywhere. Abhinav finds the neighbors and police at his house. They come to take the kid back. Abhinav realizes that Akshara was seeing Abhir in that kid. The neighbors rebuke Akshara. Abhinav apologizes to them.


He tells that Akshara is in mental trauma after losing Abhir’s custody. Inspector warns them. Akshara isn’t able to handle the shock. She faints. Abhinav takes care of her. She gets a high temperature. Goenkas worry for Akshara. They call Abhinav. Abhinav lies to them about Akshara’s condition. He hides his tears. Manish tells that he can sense the sorrow in his voice. He asks what is he hiding. Abhinav tells him that Akshara isn’t okay and she isn’t able to handle the pain. He adds that she fainted due to high temperature and her condition is very serious. Abhimanyu overhears this and is shocked to know about Akshara. Kairav asks Abhinav not to worry. He tells that they will come to Kasauli and support them. Manish lectures Abhimanyu.

He tells that a mother is incomplete without her child. He blames Abhimanyu for snatching Abhir and putting Akshara in trauma. He asks him to take a decision. Abhimanyu returns home and finds Abhir upset. He realizes his mistake of separating Akshara and Abhir. He prays for Akshara. He tells that nobody is happy with the court verdict. Aarohi meets him and tells him that life will have ups and downs, and life can never be simple. She asks him to take the right decision. She suggests he gives Abhir to Akshara. Abhimanyu decides to not let Abhir away from his mother. Manjiri firmly opposes his decision. He asks her to understand Akshara’s pain. She tells that she knows a mother can do anything to get her child back. She feels Akshara is acting and it might be a drama. Abhir overhears them and worries for Akshara. Abhimanyu tells that Akshara is ill. Abhir leaves for Kasauli.


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