1 redux in Anupama Samar Dimpy drama dose

1 redux in Anupama Samar Dimpy drama dose

1 redux in Anupama Samar Dimpy drama dose. The family reprimands Samar for joining hands with Malti Devi. They ask him why isn’t he answering. Paritosh tells that Anupama was praising him till now and Samar has signed a contract with Anupama’s enemy. He asks Samar why did he go to Malti to get a job. Anuj and Anupama get worried when the family has a clash. Dimpy answers Paritosh. He tells that Samar can’t sit idle and become a loser like him. Kinjal takes a stand for Paritosh. She asks Dimpy not to speak between the two brothers. She wants Dimpy to respect Paritosh, or else stop insulting him. Kavya asks Samar if was he so desperate that he joined hands with their enemy.

Vanraj knows Smar is helpless, else he would have not made this big mistake. Samar breaks his silence and tells that he is fed up with becoming a good son. He doesn’t want to become a good son from now. He wants to follow his heart and live his life. He doesn’t want to bear the burden of their expectations at the cost of his happiness. He tells that he is paying a big price. He adds that he didn’t make a mistake to work for Malti. Anuj asks Samar to stay within his limits. He tells that nobody tries to ruin their mother by joining her enemy. He asks why did he go to Malti. Vanraj knows Samar’s frustration and desperation.


Samar tells that he just saw the offer, Malti’s offer was good, she is a businesswoman and wants talented people in her Gurukul. He doesn’t think it’s her plan. Anuj asks if will he quit the job if it’s her plan. Vanraj tells that Malti can trap him. Samar doesn’t find any risk. Dimpy tells that they liked Malti’s offer and accepted it. Leela taunts that Dimpy is very innocent. Samar tells that he has more reasons to work with Malti.


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