2 secrets in Anupama unveil Malti and Kavya’s truth

2 secrets in Anupama unveil Malti and Kavya's truth

2 secrets in Anupama unveil Malti and Kavya’s truth. Anuj tells that he has sent Anu home with Adhik and Pakhi. Anupama wonders if Malti is targeting her children to take revenge on her. Anuj also suspects Malti. She tells that every woman has motherly love in her, and even Malti has emotions in her heart. He tells that Malti can take revenge on them, but not the children. He feels Samar is immature and isn’t able to understand how Malti is trapping him. She recalls the nightmare that Samar is going to die. She tells that she won’t let anything happen to Samar. She wants to face Malti’s wrath and punishment. She accepts Malti’s punishment but doesn’t want Malti to hurt her children. She tells that she is a mother who will never fall weak. Anupama gets terrified when she hears Samar shouting.

Malti’s guilt starts haunting her. She sees a baby and recalls the past when she left her child to pursue her career. Anupama and her children’s chapter begins to push Malti into her past. Malti misses her child. Anupama is afraid for Samar’s life. She prays for his safety. On the other hand, Kavya is worried about a secret she kept since long. She thinks to not cheat Vanraj further. She tells that she will tell the truth to Vanraj. She doesn’t want to live in guilt. Anupama fears that some wrong happening is going to occur. What is Malti’s past and who is her son? Keep reading.



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