Kundali Bhagya 26th July 2023 Written Update Karan awaits Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 26th July 2023 Written Update Karan awaits Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 26th July 2023 Written Update Karan awaits Preeta. Karan misses Preeta. He gets emotional and waits for her arrival. Preeta is advised by the inspector to meet the Luthras and request them to withdraw the case. Nidhi barges into Karan’s room and raises a dispute about Rajveer. She asks him not to support Rajveer. She tells that Shaurya is their son and they should think of him. She lies to him that Shaurya met Rajveer at the police station and got threatened by him. Karan is in disbelief. Shrishti asks Preeta not to meet the Luthras. Preeta says that she isn’t scared of insult, her respect isn’t more important than her love for Rajveer, and she doesn’t care for herself and will talk to them once.

Shrishti asks her not to go because she doesn’t know Luthras are heartless. She tells that Luthras will never understand Preeta. Preeta tells that she will not get back without trying it once. She doesn’t listen to Shrishti. She tells the inspector that she will request the Luthras to get Rajveer released. Karan and Preeta will have a hit-and-miss once again. Preeta fails to meet him when Nidhi blocks her way. Preeta threatens Nidhi and vows to rescue Rajveer. Keep reading for a full written update on Kundali Bhagya 26th July 2023.


Kundali Bhagya 26th July 2023 Written Update Karan awaits Preeta:

Preeta takes permission to meet Shrishti. Rajveer shouts and asks Preeta not to visit the Luthras. Nidhi asks Karan to stop getting emotional about Kavya and just take action against Rajveer. He tells that he has done enough. She tells that they should help Shaurya, who isn’t able to express his emotions as Kavya does. She adds that Shaurya went to the police station, but Rajveer trapped him in the same case. She asks him to accompany her to the police station. He agrees. Preeta hugs Shrishti and tells her that she missed her a lot. Shrishti asks her why did she come from the hospital. She asks about the accident. Preeta tells that this happened because Shrishti wasn’t with her. They hug and weep.

Shrishti tells that she was trying to explain to the inspector, Rajveer can never steal money, she scolded the inspector and got arrested. Preeta tells that she regrets not listening to Shrishti. She didn’t know Rajveer will land in such a big mess. She tells Shrishti that they have faced many problems since they came to Mumbai. Shrishti asks her what happened. Preeta reveals about Shaurya caused their accident. She tells how Rajveer and Shaurya have become enemies. She adds that she loves Shaurya as her son and understands him, but they both keep fighting.

Shrishti thinks Preeta is talking about Nidhi’s son. Preeta tells that Rajveer was working for Luthras, but they have trapped him in this false case. Shrishti tells that she would have not let Rajveer go to Luthras. Preeta tells that Luthras had invited them to Kavya’s Roka, so Rajveer went there. Shrishti gets emotional thinking of Kavya. Preeta asks her if she knows her. Shrishti tells that she had seen Kavya in the news. She asks if she met Preeta. Preeta tells that she had seen Kavya on a video call, the function was going on, and then she saw Rajveer’s arrest.

She tells that she will go to the Luthra house and speak to them for Rajveer’s release. Shrishti doesn’t want Preeta to know the past. She asks her not to go there. She shouts and asks Preeta to stay away from Luthras. Nidhi and Karan talk about Rajveer. She tells that she fights the world to save her family. She brainwashes Karan against Rajveer. Rakhi tells him that Bani’s BP got high. She asks Karan to call a doctor. Karan rushes to see Bani.

Rajveer tells that he can’t let Preeta go to Luthras, they will know about her memory loss, they will remind her of the past, and then insult her. He doesn’t want her to get insulted again. Mohit asks him to stop Preeta. Rajveer tells that he will stop her. He stops her and asks her not to meet the Luthras. She tells that she will meet them and plead for his freedom. She doesn’t listen to him. The doctor examines Bani. Karan doesn’t want to give them tension. He doesn’t tell about visiting Rajveer. He doesn’t reveal it even when Bani asks him again and again. Rakhi tells that Karan will come. Shrishti is worried that Preeta can go to Luthra’s house and get hurt. She doesn’t want Preeta to suffer. She fakes a heart attack and asks the constable to call Preeta quickly. She tells that Preeta is a doctor. Constable rushes to call Preeta.


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