Kundali Bhagya 27th July 2023 Written Update Preeta fights

Kundali Bhagya 27th July 2023 Written Update Preeta fights

Kundali Bhagya 27th July 2023 Written Update Preeta fights for Rajveer. Constable informs Preeta about Shrishti’s sick condition. She tells that Shrishti was complaining about chest pain. Preeta worriedly rushes to see her. Varun calls up Karan and asks if Kavya is okay. Karan tells that everything is okay. He likes Varun and tells that he is very happy to have Varun for Kavya. Nidhi attends Shaurya’s call. She tells Shaurya that she is going to the police station, and she will file a big case on Rajveer and trap him. She asks him to take care of Kavya. Shaurya refuses to talk to Kavya. She tells that she lied to Karan about Rajveer, and now Karan will support them. Shaurya tells that it’s nothing new because Rajveer has always troubled him. Shaurya hears Rakhi telling Bani and Kavya about Rajveer.

He gets angry hearing Rajveer’s supporters worrying for him. They love Rajveer as their own family. Kavya also prays that Rajveer comes out of jail soon. She reveals that she had gone to the police station to meet Rajveer. Shaurya thinks it’s his family, but they have an emotional attachment to Rajveer. Kavya tells Rakhi and Bani that Rajveer scolded her with love and asked her to leave, he is protective of her and took care of her. Rakhi tells that he will get released soon. Shaurya thinks Rajveer has a sharp mind and manipulated his family. Shrishti asks Preeta to help her. Constable opens the lock and lets Preeta inside.


Shrishti asks Preeta not to go to Luthra’s house. Preeta doesn’t listen to her. She tells that she will go and beg them for Rajveer’s sake. She doesn’t care for her respect. She tells that she loves Rajveer and will do anything to save him. Inspector asks Rajveer what did he do against the Luthras. He feels it’s a personal rivalry case. Preeta tells him that she will go and meet the Luthras. He asks her not to go there because the matter seems complicated. He tells that Luthras want to see Rajveer behind bars at any cost. He reveals Nidhi’s call. He tells that Nidhi can put more charges on Rajveer.

Rajveer asks Preeta not to go there. Karan takes Nidhi to Rajveer’s house. He tells that they should meet Rajveer’s Maasi and inform her about him. Nidhi rushes to stop him. They don’t find anyone at home and leave. Shaurya gets angry thinking of the family supporting Rajveer. He hurts himself. Kavya stops him. He asks her why she takes Rajveer’s side always. He tells that she is his sister and she should take his side, but her love and support tend towards Rajveer. Rakhi meets them. She scolds Shaurya for making Kavya cry. Shaurya argues with her about Rajveer. She asks him to calm down. He asks them to go to Rajveer.

Preeta asks Inspector not to follow Nidhi’s orders. She gets worried. Mohit asks her to calm down. Nidhi thinks that Shrishti got married to someone else, and had a child Rajveer. She doesn’t want to tell anything to Karan. She is glad that Preeta won’t come into their sight. Preeta asks the inspector to support Rajveer. She tells that she will fight and free her son. She is determined to prove her son’s innocence. Inspector tells that he is helpless and can’t do anything against the Luthras.


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