Kundali Bhagya 29th July 2023 Written Update News for Karan

Kundali Bhagya 29th July 2023 Written Update News for Karan

Kundali Bhagya 29th July 2023 Written Update News for Karan. Inspector asks Rajveer who is his mother. He tells that Preeta is his mother, he has two mothers, one who has given him birth and the other who raised him. He tells that he works for Luthra Industries. Inspector tells that he would have got fired by now. Preeta tells that she will stop Rajveer from going to Luthras. She didn’t know that the Luthras will trap her son. Inspector asks why would they try to trap Rajveer. Rajveer tells that Shaurya is the reason. Shrishti doesn’t want Preeta to go to Luthra’s house. She regrets that her son got trapped by his dad. She thinks why did Karan cheat them? She gets to see Karan there. She recognizes him. She hides from him. She thinks he did wrong with Preeta and now with Rajveer. She thinks to get an answer from him.

Nidhi finds Karan near Shrishit’s cell. Karan leaves before Shrishti turns. Nidhi follows Karan. Preeta tells the inspector that Shaurya is young, he can’t plot such a big conspiracy, and he is a nice guy but his mom isn’t nice. She feels Nidhi has trapped Rajveer. Rajveer tells that Shaurya has done this, he is also involved in this planning and she finds everyone good. Preeta doesn’t think Shaurya is wrong. Inspector asks if this is any revenge story. Preeta tells that Rajveer is so kind and he has no enemies. She asks if any rival company is doing this. Inspector tells that it’s possible, Luthras might have suffered a loss because of Rajveer and did this.


Rajveer tells that he has taken a decision for Shaurya’s company and maybe Shaurya has done this to take revenge. She asks him not to doubt Shaurya. She doubts Nidhi. Karan comes to meet the inspector. Inspector asks him to wait for some time. Karan and Preeta have a hit-and-miss. Nidhi gets worried seeing Karan and Preeta. She rushes and takes Karan aside. He asks the matter. She tells that she has the lawyer’s contact number. Karan asks what is she hiding. She tells that she has a headache. He tells that he can see her sweating and behaving weirdly. She tells that she is feeling suffocated. He tells that the inspector asked him to wait for 5 minutes.

Nidhi is happy that Karan didn’t see Preeta. Preeta asks Inspector to understand Rajveer is innocent. He tells that he understood, but he still can’t help Rajveer. He adds that he wants to investigate the matter. Karan asks Nidhi what is she hiding. She tells that few things can’t be told, because she isn’t sure of what she has seen and understood. The senior inspector asks the inspector to put Rajveer on another call. Preeta learns that Karan and Nidhi came to discuss the case. She thinks to speak to Karan. Rajveer asks her not to talk to Luthras. She rushes out. The inspector releases Shrishti and Mohit.

Rajveer asks them to stop Preeta from meeting Karan and take her home. Karan and Nidhi are outside. He asks her not to get serious. She asks him why he acts insensitive towards her. Preeta sees Karan and runs to him. Shrishti stops her. Preeta tells that Shaurya’s dad Karan is there. Nidhi sees Preeta, but Karan doesn’t see her. Preeta tells that she wants to talk to Karan. She is sure that he will help her. Shrishti misleads her. Preeta tells that she knows Karan Luthra well and she can’t make a mistake. Nidhi stumbles to distract Karan. Mohit stops Preeta and lies to her that Gurpreet fell and got injured.

Preeta goes home with him. Shrishti also leaves. Karan goes out and misses to see them. Shaurya meets his friends. He is in a bad mood. They ask him to share anything he wants. Shaurya asks them to leave him alone. He weeps recalling Kavya’s words. Rajveer hopes Preeta didn’t meet Karan. Nidhi tells that they have to file a case against Rajveer. Rajveer sees Karan. He tells Karan that Shaurya has filed an attempted murder case against him. He asks Karan to do anything he wants. Karan asks the Inspector to remove the charges from Rajveer. Inspector tells that only the person who files the case can withdraw it.


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