3 Spoilers in Anupama Kumkum Kundali Bhagya

3 Spoilers in Anupama Kumkum Kundali Bhagya

3 Spoilers in Anupama Kumkum Bhagya Kundali Bhagya. Anuj makes an apology to Anupama in front of everyone. He tells that he forgot that he is also a husband, and just did a father’s duty. He tells that he couldn’t do what he had to do. He knows she always ignored his mistakes and understood him. He tells that he will not repeat his mistake and make her proud once again. Vanraj confesses love to Kavya. All the couples dance romantically. Kavya confesses her secret to Anupama. She discloses that the baby isn’t of Vanraj, she has made a mistake but doesn’t know how to fix it. Vanraj overhears the shocking truth from Kavya and is left shattered. He was on cloud nine thinking his child is coming to the world. He doesn’t know how to react. Anupama too is in shock.

Kumkum Bhagya:


The goons catch Prachi and demand her mangalsutra. She refuses to give it to her. The goon tries to snatch her mangalsutra. Prachi asks him to leave it. Ranbir sees Prachi in danger and runs to save her life, while Akshay is trapped in the trial room. Ranbir realizes that Prachi had come to save his life, and fallen into trouble. Ranbir doesn’t care for his risk, when its about Prachi. He finds her fighting for the mangalsutra, just like the last time when he fought for her mangalsutra and got stabbed by the goons. Will Ranbir fall into a new trouble?

Kundali Bhagya:

Rajveer tells Karan that Shaurya has filed a case of attempt to murder. He asks Karan which case does he want to file on him. Karan is shocked to know about Shaurya’s move. Karan requests the inspector to call off the case. Inspector tells that just Shaurya can withdraw the complaint. What will Karan do to save Rajveer? Keep reading.


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