1 eye-opener in YRKKH New life for Abhinav

1 eye-opener in YRKKH New life for Abhinav

1 eye-opener in YRKKH New life for Abhinav. Abhimanyu and Akshara look for Abhir. Abhir leaves clues for her. He wishes he gets some help and he meets his parents. He writes a message on the football and kicks it. The football falls over the windscreen of the car. Akshara reads the help written on the ball. She tells Abhimanyu that Abhir has left the help note on the football and she had taught him to leave tracks. Abhir prays at the temple. They soon locate Abhir. Akshara is happy to see Abhir. She tells Abhir that she was worried for him. Abhir tells that he is a bad boy and she doesn’t love him. He adds that he loves her a lot. She tells him that she loves him, she lied to him just to send him to Abhimanyu’s house and she can’t live without him. He tells that he fell and got hurt.

Abhimanyu checks his foot sprain. Abhir apologizes to him. Abhimanyu also makes an apology that he did late in taking Abhir to Kasauli. They rejoice and take Abhir home. Abhinav looks for Akshara. He thinks about what to tell Akshara. He answers the call. He gets delighted to speak to Abhir. Abhir asks him to come to Birla’s house. Abhinav is overjoyed. The moment soon turns into a disaster. Abhinav meets with an accident when a truck driver falls sleepy and hits his car. The family gets madly happy to see Abhir back. Manjiri regrets her actions. She doesn’t want Abhir to hate her. She cries knowing that Abhir is hurt. She feels guilty. She doesn’t meet him.


Ruhi hugs Abhir and apologizes to him. Abhir asks about Manjiri. Akshara finds Manjiri crying. She takes Abhir to Manjiri. Manjiri apologizes to Abhir. He tells that he will accept her apology if she makes kachoris for him. Akshara performs Kanha’s aarti and thanks him for sending Abhir safely to her. Akshara’s mangalsutra breaks. She gets worried for Abhinav. She calls him, but his phone isn’t reachable. She wears back the mangalsutra. Abhinav comes home and meets Abhir.

He hugs Abhir and loves him. He asks Abhir not to leave him and go next time. Akshara asks Abhinav if he is okay. Abhinav tells that he helped a truck driver, who was nearly dying. She tells that she was scared for him. He tells that he will never leave them and go. Abhir wishes that he stays with his mum and dad in his Kasauli house. It becomes an eye-opener for Manjiri and Abhimanyu. Abhir apologizes to Abhimanyu and tells him that he wants to live with his parents. He asks Abhimanyu to understand and fulfill his wish. Abhimanyu breaks down while ensuring Abhir’s happiness. Akshara consoles a broken Abhimanyu.


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