Kumkum Bhagya 3rd August 2023 Written Update Brave act

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd August 2023 Written Update Brave act

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd August 2023 Written Update Brave Ranbir. Ranbir and Prachi argue. He asks Akshay to stand close to Prachi. He goes away. Shahana comes to the mall and sees Ashok. She asks if everything is okay. Ashok tells that the robbers have entered the mall, and the family members are stuck inside. Prachi identifies Shera and quickly alerts the inspector. She asks the inspector to catch the robbers. Shera asks her to shut up. He points the gun at Prachi and takes her captive. Ranbir and Akshay get worried for Prachi. Shera tells that he will kill Prachi if she wants to die. Prachi shouts for help. She asks Akshay to do something and save her. Akshay seems scared for his life. He finds a gun at his feet. Ranbir signs him to pick the gun. Mihika finds Akshay not responding. She asks Akshay to pick the gun.

Akshay doesn’t take any step to save Prachi. Ranbir jumps to pick the gun and save Prachi. He asks Prachi to bend down. He shoots Shera. Prachi falls on the floor. Inspector catches the goons. Prachi sees her savior Ranbir. Akshay and his family run to Prachi. Akshay asks her is she okay. Prachi just looks at Ranbir and is grateful. Mihika asks Ranbir is he okay. Akshay meets his family. Prachi runs to hug Shahana. Ranbir meets Shahana and asks her why is she crying when Prachi is okay. Mihika sees the wound on his hand. He tells that he is okay. Dida gets worried that Ranbir and Prachi are together. She doesn’t want Pallavi to see them.


She lies to Pallavi and takes her home. Shahana asks Ashok if she can take Prachi home, because they are meeting after a long time. Ranbir tells that Akshay would say the same, but he is in shock right now. Ashok permits Prachi to go with Shahana. Ranbir and Prachi get into a moment. Prachi goes home with Shahana. Shahana asks her is she okay. Prachi recalls the times Ranbir saved her. She tells Shahana that Ranbir knows the importance of her mangalsutra, but Akshay didn’t value her emotions and just stated his cost. Shahana asks what is she saying. Prachi recalls Akshay’s ignorance when she asked him to save her. Ashok takes the family home. Divya praises Ranbir’s bravery.

Abhay also tells that Ranbir has saved Divya, Mihika and Prachi. Akshay tells that he also wanted to save Prachi, but got a cramp in his leg. Vishaka tells that Ranbir is the hero of the day. Ashok asks them to take rest. Ranbir confronts Akshay for not saving Prachi. He asks why is he lying and why is he faking his goodness when he was not moving because of fear. Akshay doesn’t answer him. He goes to Mihika and asks her to warn Ranbir to stay away from Prachi. Mihika asks what is he saying. She tells that Ranbir is a roadside Romeo. Akshay asks if he should worship Ranbir. He tells that Ranbir always stares at Prachi.

He complains about Ranbir. Mihika tells that Akshay got scared to face the goons, so Ranbir has saved Prachi. She asks him to be thankful to Ranbir. He asks her if Ranbir doesn’t love Prachi. She tells that Akshay claims to love Prachi, but didn’t go to save her. She adds that she begged Ranbir to save Prachi, and he risked his life for her wish. She tells that Ranbir is a real man, unlike Akshay. Akshay gets angry. He calls her mad. She doesn’t doubt Ranbir. He tells that he will prove it, Ranbir loves Prachi, and if this is true, then he will beat Ranbir a lot. She doesn’t think he can prove it.

Prachi tells Shahana that nothing is right. Shahana asks what does she mean. Prachi recalls her moments with Ranbir. She weeps. She tells Shahana that Ranbir remembers everything about their past. Shahana asks her what does she want to say. Prachi tells that Akshay was asking her about Ranbir.


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