Stirring moment in Anupama turns Anuj doubtful

Stirring moment in Anupama turns Anuj doubtful

A stirring moment in Anupama makes Anuj doubtful. Kavya is upset after knowing Vanraj’s thoughts about her illegitimate baby. She understands his anger. She urges him to listen to her once. Vanraj angrily walks out of the room. Adhik gets into a fight with Romil because of Barkha. He asks Romil to go to his mother. He just cares for Barkha’s happiness. He threatens Romil. Romil isn’t affected by his warning. He asks him to speak to Ankush. He doesn’t want to become a part of the family. He calls Kapadias a house of the circus. He tells that he is getting his monthly expenses, so he is staying with Ankush. Ankush asks Adhik to leave Romil. The entire family interferes and stops their fight.

Ankush worries for Romil. He asks Adhik not to dare touch his son again. Anuj and Anupama ask them to stop fighting and keep calm. Barkha and Ankush ask Anuj to take the decision right away. Ankush tells that Romil will stay in the house until he turns 18 years old. Barkha tells that she is hurt because of Romil. Anupama asks her not to say the same thing again. Anuj tells that Ankush will stay with Romil. He decides that Romil will stay back. He ends the matter. Anupama asks Ankush and Barkha to sort their issues.


She tells that Romil will not go anywhere. Romil tells that he is okay with their decision. Anupama turns dizzy after experiencing the tension. Vanraj leaves the house and calls Anupama. He meets Anupama and asks her how she tolerate his cheating. He tells her that he isn’t okay. He realizes her pain after getting cheated on by Kavya. Anupama refuses to talk to him because she has forgotten the pain by difficulty. Vanraj makes a leave, while Anuj watches them. Anupama gets questioned by Anuj about Vanraj’s visit. Anupama gets worried because she has to hide Kavya’s affair secret.


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