1 revelation in Kumkum Bhagya turns the plot intriguing

1 revelation in Kumkum Bhagya turns the plot intriguing

1 revelation in Kumkum Bhagya turns the plot intriguing. Ranbir refuses to marry Mihika and shocks the family. Akshay asks the reason for refusing. He asks Ranbir why can’t he marry Mihika. Ranbir tells that he will answer everyone. He adds that Vishaka doubts Mihika and him for faking their relationship. He tells that he is sorry to say, her doubt is right, he has no relationship with Mihika and there is nothing real between them. He apologizes to Mihika’s family for lying to them. He reveals that he was trying to help Mihika. Mihika appears upset, while Akshay gets more suspicious of Ranbir’s interest in Prachi. Pallavi is also stunned just like Mihika’s family.

Ashok and Manpreet’s hope for Mihika’s marriage breaks. Akshay questions Ranbir about why did he cheat on them by pretending to be Mihika’s boyfriend. Ranbir wants Mihika to answer and handle her family. Will this happen for real or is it a dream sequence? Ranbir and Mihika’s engagement is coming next in the track, where Prachi is seen making a huge sacrifice of her love for Ranbir for Mihika’s happiness. Mihika falls in love with Ranbir and genuinely wants to marry him. Prachi makes Mihika unite with Ranbir to keep peace in all the relationships. When will Ranbir learn about Prachi’s fake marriage with Akshay? Will Prachi and Ranbir sort out the misunderstandings and reconcile? Stay tuned and keep reading.



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