Bhagya Lakshmi 5th August 2023 Written Update Lakshmi backs out

Bhagya Lakshmi 5th August 2023 Written Update Lakshmi backs out

Bhagya Lakshmi 5th August 2023 Written Update Lakshmi backs out. The pandit tells that everything in the mandap is significant, the kalash has spiritual importance, if the kalash falls then it means the marriage will also fall apart. Vikrant asks him to complete the marriage rituals because just three rounds are left. The pandit tells that it can’t happen now, because the rituals got broken by many hurdles coming in between. He asks Vikrant to take the rounds once again to not get affected by the bad omen. Vikrant and Lakshmi agree to take the rounds again. They rush with the rounds. Lakshmi feels Rishi is in danger. She gets a strong intuition. She stops taking the rounds. She tells that Rishi is in danger, she has to save him and whenever she got such an intuition, he was really in danger. She breaks the gathbandhan.

She apologizes to Vikrant. She asks Neelam to understand her and permits her to go because it’s about Rishi’s life. Karishma and Sonia reprimand Lakshmi. Malishka is worried for Rishi, knowing the goons have taken him away, and wonder if they are harming him. Lakshmi tells that they can taunt her as much as they want, but nothing is more important to her than Rishi’s life. She wants to go and save Rishi. She leaves the mandap. Vikrant grows angered. The marriage stops without Rishi’s arrival. Lakshmi runs out of the house to find Rishi. Will she find him and save his life in time? Keep reading for a full written update on Bhagya Lakshmi 5th August 2023.


Bhagya Lakshmi 5th August 2023 Written Update Lakshmi backs out:

Neelam thanks Malishka for handling Shalu well. She tells that she will soon get Rishi and Malishka married. Guard gets conscious. He finds the goons there. He wonders where did Rishi go. He sees Rishi lying in the swimming pool. He gets worried. Bani wonders why isn’t Lakshmi listening to Shalu. She knows only Rishi can stop the marriage. She wishes Rishi comes back soon. She hears the pandit telling about the kalash’s importance. She realizes that the marriage can stop if the kalash falls. She decides to break the kalash and cause a bad omen to stop the marriage. The goons beat up the guard. Bani scares Saloni of a cockroach. Saloni panics and makes the kalash pots fall.

The family worries when the pandit calls it a bad omen. Anjana asks Saloni what did she go. Saloni apologizes to them. Pandit tells that the marriage can’t happen now. Ayush and Shalu get glad. Vikrant asks Saloni what did she do. She apologizes. Karishma tells that they will get new pots. Pandit tells that the kalash is very important, it has significance, kalash and the water inside it signifies a person and his soul. He explains to them the signs of prosperity. He tells that the marriage can’t happen because of the kalash breaking down. Malishka tells that new pots will be brought and it doesn’t make a difference. He refuses. Neelam tells that they will get new pots and place them afresh.

Pandit tells that marriage can’t happen until things are kept afresh. Vikrant tells that it’s okay for him and that he wants to marry right away. Pandit refuses to do any Adharm by getting the marriage rituals done. He asks them to get the pots soon if they want the marriage to happen in the auspicious hour. Ayush is glad that Saloni stopped the marriage. Bani tells that she has scared Saloni and did this to delay the marriage. Ayush and Shalu like her idea. Lakshmi sees them. Ayush tells that Rishi will come and expose Vikrant’s truth. Neelam asks Pandit to arrange the pots himself.

Vikrant gets upset when the junior pandit breaks the gathbandhan because of the break in the wedding. Karishma, Neelam, Kiran, and Malishka discuss about the pandit’s stern behavior. Dadi suspects the hurdles coming at the wedding. Virender tells that he doesn’t understand why is this happening. Pandit tells that the pots will come soon. Neelam tells that the marriage should happen today itself. Vikrant asks Lakshmi not to have any misconceptions in her mind. He calls her a lucky charm for him. He sounds confident that the marriage will be complete. He fears that Rishi will come. He knows his goons will kill Rishi if the latter dares to create any obstruction. The goons think Rishi is dead.

One of the goons jumps into the swimming pool and checks Rishi. He confirms that Rishi is dead. The goons leave from there. Rishi attacks the goon and sinks him in the pool. Karishma calls Lakshmi unlucky. Malishka tells that they should have kept the marriage in court. Neelam tells that it’s Lakshmi’s last day in the house and nobody can stop her. Rano hears Shalu and Bani talking. She tells them that they can’t stop the marriage. Saloni meets Vikrant. She doesn’t find it right to go ahead with the marriage when so many hurdles are coming. Vikrant asks her did she go mad. He tells that the marriage will happen. She asks why does he want to marry Lakshmi. He tells that he has answered her before. She scolds him. She asks him what will they do if they get exposed. He tells that he will handle it.

She tells that she doesn’t want to lose him. She admits that she loves him a lot. Vikrant hears footsteps. They see Lakshmi at the door. Another goon attacks Rishi with a knife. Shalu tells that three rounds are left and they have to rush. Bani asks Ayush what can they do now. Ayush is hopeful that Rishi will come. Shalu tells that Rishi might be stuck in any problem. He tells that Lakshmi would have felt it if he was in danger. Vikrant thinks Lakshmi has seen him with Saloni and everything is over now. Saloni fears Neelam’s wrath. Lakshmi slaps Saloni. She shouts at Vikrant. She lectures them on their cheating. Vikrant tells that it’s nothing like that. She slaps him in anger. Saloni tells the truth that Vikrant is her husband.


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