Kundali Bhagya 5th August 2023 Written Update Kavya saves Rajveer

Kundali Bhagya 5th August 2023 Written Update Kavya saves Rajveer

Kundali Bhagya 5th August 2023 Written Update Kavya saves Rajveer. The court decides against Rajveer. The judge goes ahead to punish Rajveer for the theft after a careful examination of the evidence. Kavya stops the verdict. She enters the court and takes the blame, shocking one and all. She saves Rajveer by making a story. Shaurya and Nidhi get hugely disappointed when Kavya fails their plan. Kavya doesn’t reveal Shaurya’s involvement. Rajveer gets released from jail when the court decides in his favor. Kavya and Palki have proved their innocence.

Shrishti gets mad knowing Preeta had gone to Luthra’s office to meet Karan. She learns that Preeta didn’t meet Karan. She tells that they will leave the city and go back. She asks Rajveer to decide what he wants. He wants to stay back and fulfill his goal. He tells that he had promised Kavya that he will attend her marriage and do a brother’s duty. He doesn’t want to break the promise. On the other hand, Nidhi gets angry knowing Kavya has helped Rajveer in the case. She rebukes Kavya. Shaurya is also upset with Kavya.


Karan asks Kavya why did she go to court. Nidhi tells that Kavya didn’t say anything when Shaurya got accused and Rajveer was acting innocent. Karan tells that Kavya is a sweet girl. Nidhi tells that the overdose of everything is bad, they should ask Kavya, who took the blame on herself and saved Rajveer. She tells that Kavya has stolen the money. Rishabh asks what nonsense is she saying. Nidhi insults Kavya to the limit. Kavya can’t hurt Shaurya and took the blame on herself to save both her brothers. Nidhi learns that Preeta hates Karan, and wants to bring them face-to-face. She wants Preeta to meet Karan and reject his love so that he throws her out of his life forever.

Kundali Bhagya 5th August 2023 Written Update Kavya saves Rajveer:

Palki asks Mohit about her dad. She looks for him. Mohit tells that he is speaking to Batra. She goes to ask about the tension. Batra tells the problem of the case going against Rajveer. She worries. He tells that they may lose the case if they don’t get any evidence in his favor. Mohit tells that there should be some way out. Khurana feels sorry to meet Shrishti and Rajveer’s eyes. He calls it impossible to win the case. Mohit urges them not to give up so soon because Rajveer’s career and reputation depend on the case’s result. Palki wants to tell them about the CCTV footage which can free Rajveer from the blame. She tells that she has some information about the case. Batra asks her to bring evidence if she can.

She gets quiet and recalls Kavya’s words. Preeta yells at Karan’s staff. She asks why are they hiding Karan. She looks for him. The lady asks her to leave. Preeta tells that Rajveer is falsely accused, and if he gets punished then his career will get ruined. She tells them that only Karan can help him. The man tells her that Karan just left the meeting. She calls him a liar. She tells that they are lying to her about Karan’s orders, but she will not leave until she finds Karan. Karan understands Rakhi’s concern for Rajveer. Salil informs Karan about a missing file. Karan looks for the file. He asks Salil to give him some time to study the details once. He asks who is fighting outside.

Peon tells that a lady is shouting a lot and she is willing to meet him. Karan tells that he will see if he knows her and then he will decide whether to meet her or not. He wants to finish the work and leave for the court. He finds the file and hands it over to Salil. Preeta reaches some other cabin and assumes the person to be Karan. She pleads to get Rajveer freed from the false allegations. She tells that he can help her and save her son. She asks him why is he not answering her. He finds someone else wearing earplugs and realizes that he didn’t hear anything. She asks him about Karan. He tells that Karan just went outside to meet her. Karan looks for Preeta. He asks the lady about Preeta. He sees her in the CCTV footage. Preeta loses her way. Karan tells that he is happy to know that Preeta was looking for him. He rushes back to his cabin.

Palki calls the storekeeper and asks him for the CCTV footage. The man informs that Kavya already took the footage. Palki calls Kavya. She fails to connect. She suspects that Kavya cheated them and took away the evidence. She gets angry at herself for trusting Kavya and risking Rajveer’s life. Karan and Preeta have a hit-and-miss. Batra tells that he has no questions to ask. Shrishti asks what does he mean. Shaurya tells that Batra lost the case. The judge asks Shaurya not to disturb the court proceedings. He asks if Rajveer’s family has any proof of his innocence.

He tells that the court will take a decision, Rajveer is responsible for the theft and he is guilty. He tells them that the evidences are against Rajveer and hence the decision will be against him. Rajveer weeps in sorrow. His family supports him. The judge tells that he is going to declare the verdict against Rajveer. Kavya reaches there and stops the judge. She tells that Rajveer is innocent and she has proof. Preeta asks for Karan. Rishabh is shocked to hear her voice. He sees Preeta alive. He learns that she is going to meet Karan. Preeta runs back to Karan’s cabin.

Rishabh runs after her, but she goes away in the lift. He thinks if he is daydreaming. He wants to believe the reality. He asks the lady to call Karan and inform him about Preeta. The lady tells that Karan knows about her, they both are looking for each other to meet and headed to the cabin. Rishabh gets glad. He cries happily. The judge asks Kavya to come into the witness box. Nidhi and Shaurya get angry seeing Kavya support Rajveer. Shrishti gets emotional seeing Kavya. Kavya testifies in Rajveer’s favor. Shrishti is pleasantly surprised.


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