1 superb turn in Anupama presents her old avatar

1 superb turn in Anupama presents her old avatar

1 superb turn in Anupama presents her old avatar. Malti Devi asks Nakul to raise Samar and Dimpy’s salary because she wants to pamper them and make them feel successful. Vanraj overhears this and applauds Malti for her cunning plan. He tells that Malti is hurting Samar to hurt Anupama. He threatens Malti. He tells that he knows her conspiracy and he will fight her if she dares to burn his house. He adds that he will burn her name, pride, and Gurukul to ashes. He asks her not to think Anupama is alone, if anything happens to Anupama, then he will burn her Lanka. He warns her and leaves. Anuj asks Ankush and Barkha to stop fighting. Malti messages Anupama. She rebukes Anupama for sending her ex-husband to threaten her. Anuj asks why did Vanraj go to Malti Devi. Anupama wonders why anyone understands her.

Samar argues with Vanraj for threatening Malti. Vanraj tells that he will ruin Malti. Dimpy asks him not to ruin them. He calls it enough. Anupama and Anuj come to Shah’s house. She tells that Vanraj should have not gone to threaten Malti. Samar tells that he was trying to say the same. Anupama asks Samar and Dimpy to go out and sit in their AC car, or else they will get scolded. Leela warns Dimpy of Anupama’s anger. Vanraj complains about Malti. He tells Anupama that Samar and Paritosh are fighting, Dimpy is misbehaving a lot and the house has lost its peace. Anupama tells Samar and Dimpy to be loyal to Malti, but not cheat the family.


She explains to Dimpy to keep her manners. She knows Malti is doing this and using her children against her. She tells that Anuj and she will handle the matter, and Vanraj doesn’t need to defend her. She requests them to let her handle her problem. Kavya speaks to Anupama about Vanraj. She wants to know if Vanraj met Anupama last night and shared his problems. Anupama tells that if Vanraj has done this mistake, then Kavya would have not understood him. Kavya tells that she understands his anger, she was going to leave the house, but Vanraj stopped her for the sake of the family.

She doesn’t want to leave Vanraj and the family, but can’t stay with his annoyance. Anupama explains to her to keep patience and wait for Vanraj’s forgiveness. Kavya hugs her. Anupama tells that she will face Malti if she dares to do anything against her children. Malti vents anger in front of Dimpy. Dimpy complains about the family. She begs Malti to not punish her. She tells that Maya died because of Anupama, but everything is forgiven. She adds that Anu doesn’t know this truth. Malti thinks to tell Anu about Maya’s death. Romil collides with Pakhi. Adhik saves Pakhi from falling.

Adhik and Romi get into a heated argument. Ankush asks Adhik to stay away from his son. Romil gets angry. Adhik and Barkha lecture Pakhi for supporting Romil. Malti meets Anu. Anu asks her to forgive Anupama. Malti lies that she isn’t upset with Anupama. Anu tells that Anupama is the best, she loves Anupama and Maya also. Malti tells that Anupama made Maya away from her. She wants Anupama to lose Anu. Anupama reaches there and stops Malti. She sends Anu inside the house. Anupama opposes Malti’s evil move. She promises to show her wrath if Malti uses her children as a toy. She wants to end the drama. She takes Malti to Gurukul. She asks her to not cross limits in her hatred. She warns Malti.


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