Bhagya Lakshmi 8th August 2023 Written Update Rishi’s entry

Bhagya Lakshmi 8th August 2023 Written Update Rishi's entry

Bhagya Lakshmi 8th August 2023 Written Update Rishi’s entry. Vikrant convinces Lakshmi to complete the rounds. He promises her that he will assist her in finding Rishi once their marriage completes. He also wants security so that their marriage is done. Malishka tells that Lakshmi has no option but to marry Vikrant. Saloni tells that they have no problem with Rishi, but he would have posed a problem in the marriage. Anjana also rebukes Lakshmi for worrying about her ex-husband so much. She requests Lakshmi to marry Vikrant. Vikrant tells that his promise is of many births, once the marriage completes, they will go and save Rishi. Lakshmi is worried and can’t explain to them what she is feeling.

She feels the time is running out and Rishi needs her. She sees the kalash water and thinks it’s a hint for her. She prays for Rishi’s safety. Lakshmi gets compelled to go back to the mandap. Vikrant asks the pandit to resume the rounds. Rishi comes out of the swimming pool for his love, Lakshmi. He remembers his promise to Lakshmi, that he will always save her. He wants to keep the promise. He fights the goons once again. He runs inside the house. Lakshmi gets surrounded by Rishi’s tension.


She stops once again and recalls the vow given to Rishi. She tells everyone that she had promised Rishi, she will always support him and protect him. She adds that she wants to go to Rishi. She leaves the mandap once again and runs to the gate. Vikrant is shocked when the gathbandhan breaks. Lakshmi is shocked to see Rishi coming. Rishi is in an injured state. Lakshmi cries sees him and hugs him. The entire family is shocked to see Rishi. Vikrant gets worried about getting exposed in front of the family. Rishi is glad to know that Lakshmi didn’t get married to Vikrant. Rishi exposes Vikrant and Saloni’s truth in front of everyone. Keep reading for a full written update on Bhagya Lakshmi 8th August 2023.

Bhagya Lakshmi News Segment: Lakshmi finds Rishi at the door. She hugs him and cries. Rishi holds her hand and takes her to confront Vikrant. He reveals that Vikrant is lying, his entire family is cheating and even his parents are involved, Vikrant is married and he doesn’t have any elder brother. Rano asks who is Saloni’s husband. Rishi tells that he will tell them how is this possible and how is Saloni the bahu of the Kakkar family. He reveals that Saloni’s husband is Vikrant Kakkar. Anjana asks him to stay within his limits. Vikrant tells that Rishi is acting. Rishi tells that Vikrant is a liar. Karishma asks him to stop blaming Vikrant and Saloni when he has no proof. Vikrant scolds Rishi for blaming him.

He pities Lakshmi to have a disgusting friend like Rishi. They get into a heated argument. Rishi tells that he is controlling his anger. He asks Vikrant to look at his character and disgusting family. Rishi reveals that Vikrant had sent the goons to stop him, the goons tried to kill him and put him in the swimming pool. Lakshmi is shocked. Vikrant asks Rishi not to make stories. He asks how Rishi get saved if the goons tried to kill him. Rishi tells that Vikrant had tried to kill him in the hospital too. Vikrant asks him not to make him a criminal.

Rishi catches his collar and asks him to leave. Vikrant tells that he is in the Oberoi house just to marry Lakshmi and take her along. Rishi opposes the marriage. Vikrant asks Rishi what will he do. He angrily threatens Rishi that he will kill Rishi if Rishi comes between Lakshmi and him. Lakshmi slaps Vikrant in anger. She supports Rishi and tells him that she believes him. She answers Vikrant.

Bhagya Lakshmi 8th August 2023 Written Update Rishi’s entry:

Vikrant tells Lakshmi that they will go and save Rishi once the marriage completes. Malishka asks Lakshmi to marry Vikrant first. Vikrant requests Lakshmi with much love and asks her to just complete the rounds and rituals. Lakshmi continues to feel for Rishi. Pandit tells them that the marriage shouldn’t happen because the hurdles are giving such a hint. Vikrant asks him to just complete the rituals, hurdles come in true love and love wins in the end. Pandit tells that true love never loses. Rishi recalls Lakshmi and regains the strength to fight back. Lakshmi promises Vikrant and repeats the vow she took while marrying Rishi. Pandit realizes that she remembers the vows.

Rishi gets a knife in the pool, which the goon got there to kill him. He cuts the ropes. Lakshmi thinks of Rishi and makes a vow that she will always be with him. The goons think Rishi is finally dead. Ayush, Shalu, and Bani cry for Lakshmi, who has saved Rishi’s life always. They regret that Virender and Neelam aren’t helping Lakshmi. Karishma tells that Vikrant didn’t listen to Lakshmi. Rishi comes out of the pool. The goons see him. Pandit asks Lakshmi to walk ahead of the groom. Goon tells that Rishi is too stubborn and isn’t dying. They continue to hurt him. Sonia wants to give a party to her friends once Lakshmi gets married. Shalu tells that Malishka can do anything and she is also evil like Vikrant.

They wish Rishi comes back to support Lakshmi. Shalu blames Ayush for not stopping the marriage. She asks him to realize his mistake. Rishi bashes the goons. This time, he makes up his mind to not stop at any cost. Lakshmi tells that she had promised Rishi, she will always protect him and support him. Rishi tells the goon that if Lakshmi’s life gets ruined, then he will send them to hell. Ayush regrets that he couldn’t do anything to stop the marriage. He feels helpless.

Lakshmi tells that she has to keep her promise to Rishi. Vikrant is stunned. Rishi takes the phone from the goon. He asks the guard to get treated in the hospital. He sends the guard. He goes inside the house. Vikrant asks Lakshmi what happened to her. She tells that she has to go to Rishi. She leaves the mandap and runs with the burning gathbandhan cloth. The family finds Rishi at the door. Lakshmi gets happy to see Rishi. She cries happily and hugs Rishi. Vikrant and the family members watch them. She asks him if is he okay and why is he drenched. She apologizes for getting late. He apologizes for coming late. He sees the gathbandhan cloth on fire and throws it away. Neelam asks Rishi if is he okay. He says yes.

Vikrant thinks how did Rishi survive. He loses his cool. Malishka hugs Rishi and pretends worried for him. Virender asks Rishi how did he get hurt. Shalu asks Ayush to find some way. Ayush tells that he can’t do anything. She tells that they will leave from the window. She regrets to say that the Oberois will break Ayush and her friendship, after ousting Lakshmi from the marriage. Anjana asks Lakshmi to clear her mind and complete the marriage. Rishi stops Lakshmi. He is glad to know that the marriage didn’t complete till now. Rishi stares at Vikrant. He holds Lakshmi’s hand and takes her to Vikrant.


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