Kumkum Bhagya 8th August 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 8th August 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 8th August 2023 Written Update. Ranbir tells the family that Prachi will decorate the house, she is very happy for Mihika and his engagement, and she will finally get rid of him. He jokes. Mihika tells that Prachi loves her a lot. Ranbir tells that Prachi will love him too. Akshay gets upset. Divya tells that Prachi loves Ranbir too, so she is decorating the house. Prachi tells that it’s nothing like that, she will decorate the house and she can’t wait to get rid of Ranbir. She adds that she loves Mihika a lot. Aryan and Shahana know Pranbir well, but everyone is puzzled. Shahana tells that Prachi was joking. Ranbir tells that he didn’t feel she is joking. Akshay asks him to laugh at jokes.

Manpreet takes Prachi to the storeroom to give the lights. Shahana follows Prachi to talk about Ranbir. Manpreet asks Prachi to check the lights. She tells that Bahus like to discuss food menus than decorations. Shahana tells that Prachi is much unusual. Vishaka asks Divya not to do dance practice in the hall. Ashok tells that he will help Divya. Vishaka asks him to do some serious work. Akshay tells Prachi that he wants to tell her about the decorations work because he is also very happy with this marriage. Ranbir gets jealous watching them. Shahana observes Ranbir. Aryan is jealous of seeing Shahana with Abhay. Abhay wonders what’s the reason. Manpreet asks Ashok not to do any work and just focus on his family. She takes his phone.


The children laugh seeing them. Ranbir assists Vishaka in kitchen. She likes him a lot. She gives credit to Pallavi for giving him good value. She is glad that Pallavi likes Mihika. She wants to prepare Mihika to impress Pallavi. She asks if Pallavi didn’t like his first wife. He doesn’t answer her and goes away. She thinks if he still loves his first wife. Mihika gets disturbed by Mayank’s call. Aryan feels he is a big idiot to get Akshay to the mandap and make him marry Prachi. Akshay finds Aryan staring at Prachi. He goes to Aryan and asks who is he looking at. He tells that Prachi is his wife. He clears that he doesn’t like anyone staring at his wife.

Aryan asks him if is he drunk. He tells that Prachi is his sister. He asks Akshay not to behave like a psycho. Akshay tells that he isn’t a psycho, but he doesn’t like anyone staring at his wife. Aryan yells at him. Akshay tries to get normal. He tells that he was just joking. Aryan finds his behavior strange. Mayank arrives home in disguise to be around Mihika.

Aryan meets Ranbir and complains about Akshay’s abnormal behavior. Ranbir tells that Prachi has changed and she is happy with Akshay, and nothing is wrong with him. Ranbir tells that Akshay is normal, he claims to love Prachi, but he didn’t try to save her in the mall attack. Aryan tells that Akshay isn’t deserving of her. Ranbir doesn’t know why Prachi chose him, he isn’t right for her but they are married now. He adds that there is no point talking about it. Mayank follows Mihika and questions her. He asks why is she getting engaged to someone else. He tells that she can’t marry anyone. She tells that she isn’t marrying anyone. He asks what’s all this if she isn’t marrying. She tells that it’s just an engagement.

He asks her not to fool him. He hurts her in anger and apologizes. He tells her that she can’t marry Ranbir. He asks her to call off the engagement. She gets scared when he threatens of committing suicide. She stops him. He makes her slap him fifty times. He tells that he is mad to marry someone else. He hugs her and confesses love to her. He tells that he will leave the world for her. She tells that she will try to stop the engagement. He makes her promise. He asks her to elope with him. Ranbir recalls Aryan’s words about Akshay. He doesn’t want to worry about Prachi, who wants to act happy about his engagement.


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