Kundali Bhagya 8th August 2023 Full Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 8th August 2023 Full Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 8th August 2023 Full Written Update. Karan tells that Kavya can’t make such a big mistake. He asks how can Kavya do this, Rajveer has reached the jail and everyone was troubled because of her. He applauds her drama. He rebukes her. Aarohi tells that she accepted her crime to end her guilt. Nidhi tells that everyone is making fun of Luthra’s family after Kavya’s confession. She lectures Kavya. Kareena and Bani ask Nidhi not to shout at Kavya. They want to ask Kavya the truth. Nidhi asks them to trust her. She declares that she won’t attend Kavya’s marriage. Shaurya tells that even he won’t come to her wedding. Rishabh consoles Kavya. He tells that everyone is with her. Aarohi tells that Kavya has stolen the money for Varun’s sake when Karan refused to give her the money.

Karan realizes that Kavya lied in court because Varun doesn’t need any money. Karan goes to ask Kavya the truth. Kavya wishes she gets her mother back. She prays to get Preeta back in her life. Preeta tells that she wants to meet Kavya and thank her for saving Rajveer. Shrishti tells that Kavya could have confessed it before if she wanted to save Rajveer. She asks Preeta to end it and not meet Luthras again. She tells that they should be happy that Rajveer is safe. Preeta tells that Kavya has saved Rajveer, she is nice and they should thank her. Shrishti asks her to forget the Luthras. She tells that they will go back. Mohit asks them not to go. She tells that she won’t leave Rajveer and Preeta in Mumbai. She asks them to pack their bags.


Preeta tells that she will meet Kavya first and then Rajveer will decide. Karan asks Kavya to learn to lie first if she wants to lie. He catches her lie. He tells that Varun never asked for money and even if he asked for it, then it was a little thing for Luthras to give him a few crores. She tells that she did it to save Rajveer. He asks why did she take the blame on herself. She tells him that the case was going against Rajveer. He wonders who has stolen the money. She hugs him. She doesn’t tell Shaurya’s name. She tells that Preeta will come to save her. He knows she misses Preeta a lot. He doesn’t want to tell her that Preeta is alive when he doesn’t have any concrete proof. He tells her that Nidhi and Shaurya will come to her wedding and she need not worry. Kavya tells that she invited Rajveer also.

Preeta gets adamant that she will meet Kavya. Shrishti scolds Rajveer for disobeying her and causing conflict between the sisters. She tells that Preeta has come to Mumbai and lost her peace and happiness. Preeta asks Shrishti to stop shouting because they didn’t know this would happen to them. Shrishti takes Rajveer with her and locks the door. Preeta asks her what’s the secret that she can’t be a part of their conversation. Shrishti asks Rajveer why is he hurting Preeta. She tells that he didn’t take any revenge, but Luthras have taken revenge on him, even when they aren’t aware that he is Preeta’s son. She asks him to think about what will happen when Luthras learn his truth.

Preeta asks Shrishti to open the door. Shrishti opens the door. Preeta tells that she will support Rajveer in his decision. Shrishti asks Rajveer if will he listen to her or not. She asks his decision. He wants to stay back. He tells that he will attend Kavya’s marriage. Gurpreet sees Khurana and acts as a foot sprain. He tells that she doesn’t need to act in front of them. Daljeet asks Palki to stay away from Rajveer. Khurana tells that Rajveer is innocent. Daljeet argues with him. Rajveer tells that he has promised Kavya and he will keep it. Preeta tells that she will stay back with Rajveer, attend the wedding, and then decide. Shrishti agrees.


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