1 new enemy in Imlie to begin fresh track

1 new enemy in Imlie to begin fresh track

1 new enemy in Imlie to begin a fresh track. Imlie 9th August 2023 Written Update. Imlie risks her life to save the family. She confesses her love to Atharv, thinking it’s her last time. She asks him to tone down his anger and handle Kairi with love. Rana family cries upon hearing Imlie’s last conversation with Atharv. Rudra asks Atharv to find the goon, get the remote, and stop the timer. Atharv doesn’t find any way. He prays to reach Imlie and save her. Atharv struggles to save her life. He gets to see the goon hiding there. He nabs him and gets the remote from him. He sees just two seconds left. Atharv stops the timer in time. He gets scared when he hears the blast sound. He realizes that the bomb got defused in time.

He is connected to Imlie on call. He is glad that she is alive. He tells that he will never forgive her for being so selfless. Imlie comes back to her family. She hugs Kairi. Imlie gets praised for saving the people. Anu gets arrested for fraud charges. Her bank accounts and property get seized. Imlie gets a warm welcome from the family. The family members praise her for always protecting them from all the problems. Devika proposes Atharv and Imlie’s marriage. She asks Imlie to marry Atharv and complete their family.


Atharv waits to hear Imlie’s reply. Kairi convinces Imlie for marriage. Atharv gets happy with Imlie’s consent. Atharv proposes to Imlie for marriage in his unique way expressing his love and concern for her. Kairi reminds Atharv that Imlie told I love you to him. Imlie asks Kairi to forget it. Atharv remembers Imlie’s confession. He goes on his knees and proposes to Imlie for marrying him for the third time. Imlie refuses to tease him and grows him tense. Later, Imlie and Atharv are seen receiving the good news of her pregnancy. A new enemy enters their lives to separate them. Who is the new enemy? Keep reading for more news and spoilers.


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