Bhagya Lakshmi 10th August 2023 Full Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 10th August 2023 Full Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 10th August 2023 Full Written Update. Rishi tells that Vikrant and his entire family are a fraud. Rano asks about Saloni’s husband. Rishi thanks her for the right question. He tells that he will answer them and tell the truth about Saloni’s husband. He regrets that his family didn’t believe him when he told them that Vikrant is married. He adds that Vikrant is Saloni’s husband. The family is shocked. Anjana lies to the family. She scolds Rishi for blaming Vikrant and Saloni. Rishi asks her to stop acting. He tells Virender that he has the proof. He shows Vikrant and Saloni’s picture, which gets wiped off by the water. Vikrant smiles that the proof got destroyed. Rishi tells that he got the proof from Mayur. Vikrant and his family rebuke Rishi. Rishi asks Neelam and Virender to believe him.

Karishma asks Rishi why does he not show evidence when he blames Vikrant. Vikrant yells at Rishi. He insults Rishi in anger. Rishi asks him to stop it. Lakshmi cries seeing them argue. Rishi tells that he knows how disgusting is Vikrant. He reveals that Vikrant had hired the goons to stop him, the goons had put him in the swimming pool and tried to kill him. He asks Virender to believe him. Lakshmi recalls the hint she got about Rishi. Vikrant tells that Rishi is making fictional stories. Rishi tells that Vikrant had tried to attack him in the hospital as well, and also plotted the accident.


Vikrant asks him not to make him a criminal and murderer. Rishi catches him and tells him that he is a criminal. He asks Vikrant to get out. Vikrant tells that he will marry Lakshmi and leave. Rishi opposes his marriage. Vikrant asks if will he hit him. He angrily threatens to kill Rishi if he dares to come between Lakshmi and him. Lakshmi and Oberois are shocked. She slaps Vikrant in response. She protects Rishi. Dadi tells that Lakshmi turned active once Vikrant threatened Rishi. Lakshmi rebukes Vikrant for his words. Ayush calls the servant and orders milk and juice.

Shalu asks Ayush why did he ask for milk and juice. Ayush tells that when the servant gets inside, the door will open and they will go out. The servant refuses to open the door. He apologizes to Ayush. Ayush fails in convincing him. Shalu and Bani ask Ayush to call Rishi once. Ayush agrees. Rishi tells that he was waiting for Lakshmi’s reply. Kiran asks Malishka why is she standing silent. She tells that Vikrant has hurt Rishi and she shouldn’t be silent. Malishka angrily hurts Vikrant. Vikrant asks her to shut up. Rishi asks her to calm down. She hugs him and tells him that she loves him a lot. Pandit doesn’t think the marriage will happen. Vikrant stops the pandit from leaving. He tells that he will marry Lakshmi and take her home.

Vikrant wants revenge on Lakshmi and Rishi. Rishi gets Ayush’s call. He answers the call. Ayush asks him if is he okay and where is he. Rishi tells that he is at home. He sees Vikrant getting a knife in his hand. Ayush is happy that Rishi has come home. Shalu thinks the marriage happened. Ayush tells that Rishi would have stopped the marriage. He is relieved that Rishi will handle everything. He tells them that Rishi is Lakshmi’s shield and he will save her. Vikrant threatens Rishi. Mayur messages the Oberois’ elders. The Oberois get the pictures of Vikrant and Saloni’s marriage. They are left shocked.

They believe Rishi’s truth. Rishi exposes Vikrant’s truth. He tells that Mayur has told the truth to him. He is glad that Mayur has sent the pictures on time. He adds that Vikrant disappeared from the temple because he was hiding from Mayur. Vikrant smiles. He applauds Rishi for his hard work. He accepts that Saloni is his wife Sarika. He tells that Rishi’s family didn’t believe him till now. He praises himself for fooling everyone. Neelam and Virender get angered. Virender reprimands him for the cheat. He is proud of Rishi, who didn’t let anything wrong happen with the family and saved Lakshmi’s life from destruction.


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