YRKKH 10th August 2023 Written Update Abhi arrested

YRKKH 10th August 2023 Written Update Abhi arrested

YRKKH 10th August 2023 Written Update Abhi arrested. Akshara tells Muskaan that Abhinav needs Abhimanyu. Muskaan tells that Abhinav doesn’t need Abhimanyu right now. Akshara tells that Abhimanyu has to operate on Abhinav right away. Kairav asks Muskaan to calm down. Muskaan tells that Abhimanyu will not touch Abhinav. She doesn’t listen to them. Kairav asks Muskaan why is she stopping Abhimanyu. She tells them that Abhimanyu has pushed Abhinav down the cliff. Manish arrives there and tells them about Abhimanyu’s crime. Manish tells the family that Abhimanyu has attempted to kill Abhinav by pushing him down. Birlas arrive there and learn the blame on Abhimanyu.

Muskaan tells them that she has seen Abhimanyu insisting on Abhinav for drinks. Birlas defend Abhimanyu. Aarohi asks Abhimanyu if is he drunk and how will he operate in such a condition. Surekha asks Abhimanyu why didn’t he drink if he wanted to celebrate with Abhinav. Akshara connects the dots. She blames Abhimanyu for snatching her happiness. Abhimanyu asks her to let him operate on Abhinav. She stops him from touching Abhinav. Kairav calls the police there and gets Abhimanyu arrested. Manjiri asks Akshara not to misunderstand Abhimanyu. She pleads with them to not punish Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu asks Akshara to answer if she feels he can do wrong with Abhinav. She doesn’t answer. Aarohi gets another heart surgeon to save Abhinav.


Abhimanyu lands in jail. Anand reaches the police station to arrange the bail. Akshara imagines Abhinav and speaks to him. Manish cries upon seeing her sorrow. She tells that Abhinav was talking to her. He consoles Akshara. Abhimanyu is hurt that Akshara misunderstood him. He tells that he isn’t guilty. The family discusses Akshara’s sorrow. Akshara wants Abhinav to fight the difficulty. She is worried about Abhir’s expectations to meet Abhinav. Abhinav breathes his last. He dies in Akshara’s arms. What will happen next? Stay tuned and keep reading for more updates.


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