YRKKH 11th August 2023 Written Update Abhinav’s joy

YRKKH 11th August 2023 Written Update Abhinav's joy

YRKKH 11th August 2023 Written Update Abhinav’s joy. Abhimanyu calls Abhir and gets to hear Ruhi and Abhir’s conversation. Ruhi asks Abhir not to talk to strangers. She disconnects the call. Abhimanyu fails to talk to Abhir. Manjiri hugs the kids and hides her tears. She doesn’t tell about Abhimanyu’s arrest. She says they shall pray for the one getting treated in the hospital. Abhinav gets treated by the other surgeon. The family sinks in sorrow. Manjiri asks Shefali to talk to Akshara and convince her that Abhimanyu is innocent. Akshara performs the aarti and makes a prayer for Abhinav. Muskaan runs to inform her that Abhinav is out of danger and the surgery went successful.

Akshara runs back to Abhinav. Manish and Kairav tell Akshara that Abhinav will recover in a few days. Akshara is overjoyed that they will go home together. Akshara speaks to Abhir. He asks where is she and why didn’t she come to pick her up. She tells that she will come soon to take him and they will go home. Shefali meets Akshara and tries to clear her mind about Abhimanyu. Akshara doesn’t know how Abhimanyu got hatred filled in his heart. Shefali tells that he can never commit such a crime. She asks her to withdraw the police complaint and think of the kids. Muskaan tells that Abhimanyu should have thought of the kids before.


She gets into an argument with Shefali and Parth. Akshara doesn’t listen to Shefali. Shefali informs Manjiri that Akshara didn’t agree. Manjiri meets Abhimanyu. The lawyer asks him to pray that Abhinav survives and gives the statement in his favor, or things will go terribly wrong with him/Abhimanyu. Manjiri asks Abhimanyu not to worry. He enquires about Akshara. He says that one must monitor the patient well even after the surgery and Abhinav is still in danger. He is worried for Abhinav. Abhinav meets the family and smiles with joy. Akshara gets hopeful that he got a new lie, but he suddenly falls breathless. He loses his life. Akshara panics on seeing Abhinav leaving.


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