Kundali Bhagya 12th August 2023 Written Update Preeta hides

Kundali Bhagya 12th August 2023 Written Update Preeta hides

Kundali Bhagya 12th August 2023 Written Update Preeta hides. Karan reaches the same temple to perform the puja for Shaurya’s sake. He walks inside the temple and stands beside Preeta. Shrishti is stunned to see them together. She takes Preeta with her. Dr. Avinash meets Palki and his family. He tells that he has come to discuss some work. He calls Palki a professional doctor, who takes care of the patients well. He tells that he has a senior patient, who is like a family member to him, she needs a doctor to take care of her and handle her diet. He asks Palki to take care of his patient. He asks if she can do the duty by staying in the lady’s house for 12 hours. Palki tells that she will treat the old lady. He asks her to meet the lady today itself and join the job. Shanaya asks them to drop her off on the way.

Palki goes to make tea for Dr. Avinash. Karan tells the pandit about the puja for his son. Shrishti asks Preeta about the money to be paid to the pandit. Preeta asks Shrishti why did she get her aside. Shrishti calls her heartless. Preeta tells that she feels Shrishti is making an excuse and lying to her. She has to go and sit in the puja. Karan sits in the puja. Shrishti does a drama and asks her to get water. She sends Preeta away. The pandit asks for the name of her son. Shrishti makes excuses first to avoid telling the name. He asks her to mention the name. She tells Karan Luthra. Pandit looks at Karan. She asks him not to ask anything.


She sees Preeta coming and rushes to stop her. She lies to Preeta and asks her to put the ghunghat, look down and not in any other direction, just pray for Rajveer and sit quietly. Shrishti and Preeta sit in the puja. Pandit tells that the children’s parents are Preeta and Karan. Shrishti misleads Preeta. Karan and Preeta perform the puja together. He identifies her by touch. He calls out to Preeta. Sudden smoke makes them turn away. Shrishti takes away Preeta with her. Karan runs to look for her. He wonders where did she go. Dr. Avinash gets Palki and Shanaya to the Luthra house. Palki asks if is he talking about this house. Shanaya likes the palace-like house and tells that she also wants to do a job for the rich family.

Shaurya sees Palki and ignores her. Dr. Avinash takes Palki to the Luthras and introduces her. He tells that he got Palki for Bani’s treatment. Kavya tells that Palki is very close to them. She hugs Palki. Shanaya tells that she is Palki’s sister. Dr. Avinash tells that Bani will get fine once Palki treats her. Kavya takes Palki to Bani and tells that Dr. Avinash got Palki for Bani’s care. The family is glad that Palki has come for Bani’s care. Kareena praises Palki’s caring gesture towards the family. Bani tells Palki about the girl who used to take care of her. She regrets that Preeta left them.


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